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In 930 text pages, the best-selling “short” textbook, Campbell biologic in Focus, emphasizes the important content, concepts, and also scientific an abilities needed for success in the university introductory course for biology majors.

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Every unit takes an approach to streamlining the product that finest fits the needs of instructors, based on surveys, curriculum initiatives, reviews, discussions with hundreds of biology professors, mindful analyses of course syllabi, and the Vision and readjust in Undergraduate biology Education report. The Second Edition builds top top the Campbell hallmark requirements of accuracy, clarity, and pedagogical innovation, going beyond this foundation to help students make relationships visually throughout chapters, interpret real data native research, and synthesize your knowledge. The accompanying digital resources include new, mobile-friendly devices that help instructors teach an overwhelming topics much better than ever before; incorporate the eText through videos and also animations; and enable students to test, learn, and retest until they accomplish mastery that the content.

Fully integrated with the textbook, MasteringBiology is an digital homework, tutorial, and assessment product that boosts results by help students easily master concepts. Students advantage from self-paced tutorials that attribute personalized wrong-answer feedback and also hints that emulate the office-hour endure and aid keep students on track. With a wide variety of interactive, engaging, and also assignable activities, students are motivated to actively learn and also retain tough course concepts.


Make relationships Figures

Ten Make relationships Figures integrate contents from different chapters and carry out a visual representation of “big picture” relationships. Make Connections figures include:

Fig. 3.30 contribute of Genomics and Proteomics come Biology, p. 68 Fig. 8.20 The working Cell, pp. 178-179 Fig. 16.21 Genomics, cabinet Signaling, and also Cancer, pp. 338-339 Fig. 21.15 The Sickle-Cell Allele, pp. 428-429 Fig. 26.14 Maximizing surface Area, p. 526 Fig. 29.10 Mutualism across Kingdom and also Domains, p. 603 Fig. 32.3 Life Challenges and also Solutions in Plants and Animals, pp. 666-667 Fig. 37.8 Ion Movement and also Gradients, p. 777 Fig. 42.18 The working Ecosystem, pp. 902-903 Fig. 43.28 Climate adjust Has effects at all Levels of organic Organization, pp. 924-925


By reinforcing fundamental conceptual connections throughout biology, these figures aid overcome students’ tendencies to compartmentalize information. Each Make relationships figure has a Make relations Question
that asks students come relate content in the chapter to product presented earlier in the course.


Each practice concludes with Interpret the Data Questions that develop in difficulty, wade students through brand-new skills action by step and providing avenues for higher-level crucial thinking.

Practice scientific Skills

UPDATED | Scientific skills Exercises in every thing use genuine data from published research, quote in the exercise, to build crucial skills needed for biology, consisting of data analysis, graphing, experimental design, and also math skills. Brand-new to the 2nd Edition are exercises on using Protein sequence Data to test an Evolutionary theory (Chapter 20) and Interpreting Genomic Data and also Generating Hypotheses (Chapter 26).

Each Scientific skills Exercise is based upon an experiment regarded the chapter contents and likewise has an assignable, interaction tutorial variation in MasteringBiology that is automatically graded and includes coaching feedback.

Interpret Data

NEW | analyze the Data Questions throughout the message ask students to analysis a graph, figure, or table. Every interpret the Data concern from the text is assignable in MasteringBiology.


Campbell Biology in Focus, second Edition, andMasteringBiology
 offer a wide range of methods for students come move past memorization and also to think prefer a scientist.


The 2nd Edition reflects students how our ability to sequence DNA and also proteins rapidly and inexpensively is transforming every subfield that biology, from cabinet biology to physiology come ecology. For instance, the examples in this brand-new figure from thing 3 space explored in greater depth later on in the text.

Keep existing with new Scientific Advances

NEW | The 2nd Edition incorporates up-to-date content on genomics, gene editing, person evolution, microbiomes, climate change, and also more. For much more details, please view the "New to This Edition" information accessible on the Web magazine page.

Focus ~ above the an essential Concepts

UPDATED | QR Codes and also URLs at the finish of each chapter provide students quick accessibility to Vocabulary me Quizzes and Practice Tests on their smartphones, tablets and also computers. These brand-new resources are incorporated into the text’s structure of organizing each chapter roughly 3 to 6 crucial Concepts that focus on the huge picture and administer a context because that the supporting details.

The Summary of crucial Concepts
 refocuses student on the main points the the thing with an overview of key Concepts questions and summary figures that recap key information visually.

Synthesize Your expertise

NEW | Synthesize Your expertise Questions ask students to apply their knowledge of the chapter contents to define an intriguing photo.

Review the table that contents listed below for Campbell biology in Focus, second Edition to gain a far better understanding the the textbook’s organization and also the topics spanned in each chapter. Chapter 8 and also Chapter 32 are available for download as sample chapters in PDF format. You"ll require Acrobat reader to see the chapters. Students space invited to share your feedback by perfect a questionnaire.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Evolution and also the structures of Biology


Chapter 2: The Chemical context of Life

Chapter 3: Carbon and also the molecule Diversity of Life

Chapter 4: A tour of the Cell

Chapter 5: Membrane Transport and also Cell Signaling

Chapter 6: An development to Metabolism

Chapter 7: moving Respiration and Fermentation

Chapter 8: Photosynthesis | PREVIEW together PDF

Chapter 9: The cabinet Cycle

UNIT 2: genes

Chapter 10: Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles

Chapter 11: Mendel and also the Gene Idea

Chapter 12: The Chromosomal communication of Inheritance

Chapter 13: The Molecular basis of Inheritance

Chapter 14: Gene Expression: from Gene come Protein

Chapter 15: Regulation that Gene Expression

Chapter 16: Development, Stem Cells, and also Cancer

Chapter 17: Viruses

Chapter 18: Genomes and Their Evolution

UNIT 3: advancement

Chapter 19: Descent with Modification

Chapter 20: Phylogeny

Chapter 21: The development of Populations

Chapter 22: The origin of Species

Chapter 23: large Patterns the Evolution


Chapter 24: early on Life and also the Diversification that Prokaryotes

Chapter 25: The Origin and Diversification the Eukaryotes

Chapter 26: The colonization of Land

Chapter 27: The rise of animal Diversity

UNIT 5: PLANT type AND role

Chapter 28: tree Structure and Growth

Chapter 29: source Acquisition, Nutrition, and also Transport in Vascular Plants

Chapter 30: Reproduction and also Domestication of flowering Plants

Chapter 31: tree Responses to Internal and also External Signals

UNIT 6: ANIMAL type AND function

Chapter 32: The Internal setting of Animals: Organization and Regulation | PREVIEW together PDF

Chapter 33: pet Nutrition

Chapter 34: Circulation and Gas Exchange

Chapter 35: The Immune System

Chapter 36: Reproduction and Development

Chapter 37: Neurons, Synapses, and Signaling

Chapter 38: Nervous and also Sensory Systems

Chapter 39: motor Mechanisms and Behavior


Chapter 40: populace Ecology and the circulation of Organisms

Chapter 41: varieties Interactions

Chapter 42: Ecosystems and Energy

Chapter 43: worldwide Ecology and Conservation Biology

MasteringBiology is an online homework, tutorial, and assessment product that enhances results by help students quickly master concepts. Students benefit from self-paced tutorials that feature personalized wrong-answer feedback and also hints the emulate the office-hour suffer and help keep student on track. With a wide variety of interactive, engaging, and also assignable activities, student are urged to proactively learn and also retain difficult course concepts.

For Instructors: Ready-to-Go teaching Modules

brand-new | Ready-to-Go teaching Modules
 help instructors exploit the finest teaching tools before, during, and after class. Incorporating the best that the text, MasteringBiology, and also Learning Catalytics have to offer, this modules deserve to be accessed with the Instructor sources area the MasteringBiology and include brand-new ideas for in-class activities.

Solve that Tutorials

NEW | settle It Tutorials engage students in a multi-step examination of a “mystery” or open question in i beg your pardon they have to analyze actual data. Subject include:

which Biofuel has actually the many Potential to minimize our dependency on Fossil Fuels? Is It possible to Treat bacterial Infections Without classic Antibiotics? which Insulin Mutations May result in Disease? space You getting the Fish You paid For? Why room Honey Bees Vanishing? What is bring about Episodes of Muscle weak in a Patient? How deserve to the Severity of forest Fires it is in Reduced?
Most analyze the Data assignments room presented in multiple components with questions that construct in an obstacle and guide students together they develop data analysis skills.

Interpret the Data

NEW | Every Interpret the Data Question from the text has actually an assignable version in MasteringBiology. These questions, i beg your pardon coach student on how to read data and also graphs, are automatically graded and carry out personalized feedback for wrong answers.

Dynamic examine Modules

NEW | Dynamic study Modules help student acquire, retain, and recall information faster and an ext efficiently than ever before before. The modules are easily accessible as a self-study device or can be assigned by the instructor.

Once students testimonial the explanations native the textbook, they are presented through a new set the questions. College student cycle with this dynamic process of test-learn-retest until they attain mastery that the textbook material.

Questions build in difficulty, go students through new skills step by step and also providing methods for higher-level vital thinking.

Scientific an abilities Exercises

NEW | Each Scientific skills Exercise from the text has an assignable, interactive tutorial version in MasteringBiology the is instantly graded and includes coaching feedback.

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HHMI quick Films

NEW | HHMI short Films, documentary-quality movie from the Howard Hughes clinical Institute, connect students in topics native the exploration of the twin helix come evolution, through assignable questions.

Each brief film features provided biologists. Number of assessment questions are listed for each brief film and include personalized feedback for wrong answers.

Chapter 8 and Chapter 32 are available for download as sample chapters in PDF format. You"ll need Acrobat Reader to check out the chapters. Students space invited come share their feedback by perfect a questionnaire.