This exam schedule is for Lecture and also Seminar sections of a course. Exams for activity, laboratory, and discussion sections are held during the last regular course meeting. One-unit class or seminar sections will have actually the final exam at the critical regular class meeting to protect against scheduling conflicts.

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Exams will be held in the routinely assigned class on the date and time shown below. Synchronous exams will be hosted virtually on the date and time indicated below.

Lecture and also Seminar sections meeting 4 or 5 days a week monitor the MWF final exam time.

Common last Exams may only be asked for for 3 or more sections the the exact same course. See last exam plan guidelines.

Instructors requesting to readjust a last exam time must obtain approval native the department Head/Chair and the university Dean at least 2 weeks prior to the final exam week.

Common Finals might be requested for the Saturday preceding final Exam Week.

Lecture or seminar sections that accomplish in more than one great room throughout the quarter will need to contact University Scheduling in ~ 756-2461 to determine the room for the final exam.

Exam Times because that Asynchronous class SectionsFaculty to teach asynchronous courses space strongly encouraged to provide asynchronous last assessments. Act so has actually several advantages:

It helps students who made decision to take it an asynchronous class due to the fact that they have an inflexible or unpredictable work schedule.It helps students who decided to take an asynchronous class because classes space in the middle of the night in your time zone. It stays clear of time disputes with other finals.

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If a synchronous final must be given, faculty can pick to offer said last on the Saturday preceding finals week using a standard last exam time block (7:10-10:00 AM, 10:10-1:00 PM, 1:10-4:00 PM, or 4:10-7:00 PM) or in among the 7:10-10:00 pm time slot M, T, W, or R of finals week. 

Students should be notified of the time and also date of the final exam as shortly as possible, and also no later than the very first day that class. 

If a student has actually a time conflict in between a final for a synchronous/in-person course and also an asynchronous course, the instructor the the asynchronous course need to offer the college student an alternating time to take the last exam. 

Revised text: April 2021

Spring 2022 final Exam Schedule PDF (Opens in new window)

Monday/Wednesday or Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Wednesday/Friday or Monday/Friday

or Classes conference 4 or 5 Days per Week

Class begin TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
7:10am or 7:40amMondayJune 67:10am –10:00am
8:10amWednesdayJune 87:10am –10:00am
9:10amFridayJune 107:10am –10:00am
10:10amMondayJune 610:10am –1:00pm
11:10amWednesdayJune 810:10am –1:00pm
12:10pmFridayJune 1010:10am –1:00pm
1:10pmMondayJune 61:10pm –4:00pm
2:10pmWednesdayJune 81:10pm –4:00pm
3:10pmFridayJune 101:10pm –4:00pm
4:10pm or 4:40pmMondayJune 64:10pm –7:00pm
5:10pm or 5:40pmWednesdayJune 84:10pm –7:00pm
6:10pm or 6:40pmFridayJune 104:10pm –7:00pm
7:10pm or 8:10pmMondayJune 67:10pm –10:00pm

Tuesday/Thursday Classes

Class begin TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
7:10am or 7:40amThursdayJune 97:10am –10:00am
8:10amTuesdayJune 77:10am –10:00am
9:10am or 9:40amThursdayJune 910:10am –1:00pm
10:10amTuesdayJune 710:10am –1:00pm
12:10pmThursdayJune 91:10am –4:00pm
1:10pm or 1:40pmTuesdayJune 71:10pm –4:00pm
2:10pmThursdayJune 94:10pm –7:00pm
3:10pmTuesdayJune 74:10pm –7:00pm
4:10pm or 4:40pmThursdayJune 97:10pm –10:00pm
5:10pm or 5:40pmTuesdayJune 710:10am –1:00pm
6:10pm or 6:40pmTuesdayJune 77:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pmTuesdayJune 77:10pm –10:00pm
8:10pmWednesdayJune 87:10pm –10:00pm

Monday just Classes

Class start TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
5:10pm or 5:40pmMondayJune 67:10pm –10:00pm
6:10pmMondayJune 67:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pm or 8:10pmMondayJune 67:10pm –10:00pm

Tuesday just Classes

Class begin TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
4:10pm or 4:40pmThursdayJune 97:10pm –10:00pm
5:10pm or 5:40pmTuesdayJune 77:10pm –10:00pm
6:10pmTuesdayJune 77:10pm –10:00pm
7:10pmTuesdayJune 77:10pm –10:00pm

Wednesday only Classes

Class start TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
5:10pm or 5:40pmWednesdayJune 87:10pm – 10:00pm
6:10pmWednesdayJune 87:10pm – 10:00pm
7:10pmWednesdayJune 87:10pm – 10:00pm

Thursday only Classes

Class begin TimeExam DayExam DateExam Time
4:10pm or 4:40pmFridayJune 107:10pm – 10:00pm
5:10 or 5:40pmFridayJune 107:10pm – 10:00pm
6:10pmFridayJune 107:10pm – 10:00pm
7:10pmFridayJune 107:10pm – 10:00pm

Common Final

A student that is can not to to visit the typical final as result of a problem with an additional course’s final shall be permitted to arrange an alternative assessment time through the instructor. This plan should be done as at an early stage in the term together possible.

Exam DayExam DateExam Time
SaturdayJune 47:10am-10:00am, 10:10am-1:00pm, 1:10pm-4:00pm, 4:10pm-7:00pm, 7:10pm-10:00pm
MondayJune 67:10pm –10:00pm
TuesdayJune 77:10pm –10:00pm
WednesdayJune 87:10pm –10:00pm
ThursdayJune 97:10pm -10:00pm

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