On September 7, 1996, Mike Tyson who was WBC champion in ~ the time, looked to gain one more belt acquisition on WBA heavyweight titleholder Bruce Seldon.

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It to be a night infamously in ras Vegas, Nevada the controversial rapper Tupac Shakur was fatally shot and unable to attend the afterparty with Tyson. Shakur would certainly die native the gunshot wounds six days later. Before that tragic occasion happened, Shakur, to be ringside because that the fight that aired top top Showtime Pay-per-view. The backstory and also the link of Shakur and also Tyson room laid out in good detail in the ESPN’s 30 because that 30 documentary, “One Night in Vegas.”

The backstory on Seldon to be he ended up being the WBA champion after beating Tony Tucker because that it by technical decision back on April 1995. In the contest, “The Atlantic City Express” boxed approximately Tucker until the saturday round as soon as the ringside medical professional stopped the fight as result of Tucker’s left eye was fully shut. In his very first defense the the title, he stopped Joe Hippin the tenth round by the same procedure in a fight that most likely could’ve been stopped sooner.


Promotional poster for Seldon vs. Tyson

Tyson to be coming turn off a jail sentence previously in the year and also had rattled off simple victories of Peter McNeeley, Buster Mathis Jr. And finally frank Bruno to record the WBC heavyweight title. The was claimed to challenge number one contender Lennox Lewis, however instead payment him $4 million in step aside money to wait while he take it on Seldon.

That is what happened exterior the ring, i m sorry is a lot more than might be said what taken place inside the ring once the bell edge inside the MGM cool for the contest between these two.

The broadcast also at the opening moments referred to Seldon as “anonymous” champion and it wouldn’t take long why as Tyson to be the aggressor beforehand landing hooks and also controlling the action. Midway through the first, Seldon was knocked down from a ideal that landed high past the ago of the head and also fell. Referee Richard Steele sold it together a knockdown and also not a slip and also began his ten count. Steele would later acknowledge the it should’ve been ruled a slip.

He acquired up at six however was automatically sent back down v a left that sent out him down confront first. Seldon looked come at the very least been hit v this one. That beat the ten count again a second time yet was wobbly walking earlier to referee Richard Steele, and also he signaled this one over at 1:49 of the opening stanza. The crowd in attendance that 9,511 began chanting “Fix . . . Fix. . . ” at the disapproval of the 9,511 in attendance.

When asked ~ the struggle if the dispute was rigged, Seldon would certainly declare:

“You know how hurt i am right now? I involved fight. I concerned win. Ns did no realize how hard he access time or how quick he is. That is a destroyer, and I am witness to that. The shoot rattled my eyes, and I couldn’t check out straight. I did not train 12 weeks come come here and also take a dive. I am currently a millionaire. It’s not about money. I’m sorry. I tried mine best. The is a an excellent fighter. That is a poor man.”

Seldon after this tough beat stepped far from boxing until 2004. That would return to the ring and fight till 2009.

Tyson winning the WBA location from Seldon would certainly be a formality, together it set up the long-awaited matchup versus Evander Holyfieldtwo months later. The dropped the WBC belt to carry out so and also wouldn’t face Lennox Lewis in the ring until 2002.

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On this night, however, there to be a lot of of aspects outside the ring that also a Tyson fight that finished like so numerous others in the very first round couldn’t erase.