If you’re confused on exactly how to begin a fire in Breath of the Wild, don’t worry. You no alone in wondering just how to start a fire, and also besides, fire is of an essential importance in enduring Breath that the Wild’s large and attention world. Here’s exactly how to begin a fire in Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Method 1:

Hit a flint through a metallic weapon inches away from the wood. Flints are acquired through break rocks through a bomb or hammer.

Method 2:

Shoot a fire arrow. Fire arrows are found really early in the game, in a skull-like structure east of the holy place of Time. Once enemies are cleared, the chest within the skull will unlock, profitable you through fire arrows. Various village shops and wandering sellers will also carry this essential item.

Method 3:

Transfer flame from elsewhere on a wood object, favor from a nearby lantern or torch. This will at some point consume the wood object.

Method 4:

Drop and also strike red Chuchu jelly (obtained from enemies referred to as Fire Chuchus) to reason a tiny explosion.

Bing-bang-boom! You’ve gained fire.

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Fire has numerous applications in the people of Breath of the Wild . You have the right to use it to detonate explosive barrels, burn distant platforms where a chest rests, burn dried grass and also other flora, reason an updraft and so forth.

Fire can regularly be uncovered in camps, under food preparation pots or in lanterns. Your wooden arrows can be collection on fire. You deserve to cause extr damage come enemies, settle puzzles, or connect with the atmosphere with fire. However don’t collection yourself top top fire - straight exposure come flame will certainly melt Link’s wellness bar and his journey will involved a smoldering end.

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