The sequel come the renowned JRPG now gets bigger and better with lots of brand-new characters, weapons and also plot twists to keep you busy for hours. Among the most distinctive features of Brave Frontier: The last Summoner is the ability to manage several personalities at once in a solitary turn-based battle. The video game boasts numerous heroes and also villains, every possessing unique skills. You can equip them v weapons and also experiment equipping her heroes with a brand-new weapon form to carry out the ideal in every character.

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The critical Summoner has actually several video game modes and events. You have the right to replay story mode to farm yard karma, gil, i beg your pardon the game’s primary currency and also player XP. Karma deserve to be supplied to fuse upgrade products with your heroes come level him up faster. Friend may uncover this beginner-level guide and also tips useful if girlfriend are brand-new to Brave Frontier. Friend can likewise watch our gameplay video clip to know more about fusion and combat:

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Combat Basics

Turn-based combat in Brave Frontier: The critical Summoner deserve to be fun and engaging. To attack a single enemy, you will need to tap him and also then tap one of your party members. However, if you want to attack all opponents at the very same time, simply swipe all weapon icons listed below hero portraits.

Each team member can lug only one activity per turn, so select your plot wisely. You can strike using a weapon or select a skill if girlfriend are encountering a tougher enemy or a boss. You can additionally put party members on safety if an adversary is around to start a destructive attack. A team member receives less damage when he is put on guard. The guard icon is a golden shield. To select guard, friend will need to swipe increase on a character’s portrait until the golden shield appears. You have the right to put her weakest personality on safety or put all heroes on guard relying on the opponents you will certainly face. When you put a personality on guard, you use up an action and he/she won’t execute any activity until their next turn. Just swipe on shields to protect attacks.

You can also use a character’s skill to deal more damage to an enemy, defend versus enemy assaults or administer support to fellow party members. Every you have to do is swipe increase on a character’s portrait to choose a round shaped skill and also then tap come unleash it. This “Brave” ability spheres space – Burst, Guard and also Support. Bursts are special attacks, Guards carry out defensive effects and support provide various effect. To understand a character’s skill, tap and also hold his/her portrait ~ above the fight screen to carry up his/her page. Currently tap the ability sphere(s) top top the bottom the the personality info display to know much more about it.

You will require blue combat crystals come activate a skill. During battle, assault enemies and collect crystals indigenous them. Usage them to unleash special an abilities when you confront a tougher enemy during battle. You deserve to unleash multiple an abilities by selecting each party member’s ability sphere and then swiping right.

You have the right to turn on “auto” to allow your heroes communicate with opponents automatically. The auto button appears only once you space replaying a mission and also is not obtainable in more recent missions.

Those were a few combat tips and hints the will assist you acquire started if you have actually just began playing. However wait, there’s an ext in this Brave Frontier guide. Review on if you want to know an ext about missions, blend and battle strategy:

Look before You Swipe

Swiping all weapons to assault enemies in ~ once deserve to be fun, but you might want to pause and also have a look at her enemies. Countless times you will face tougher enemies. If you swipe best blindly, you might be picking a weaker aspect character versus a more powerful enemy, which will an outcome into less damage dealt come him. Tapping on a hero whose facet is more powerful than the enemy can aid you mitigate his HP quicker.


Before swiping, tap an opponent to uncover out which character in your team is stronger than him and also then tap that character who has actually an animated up arrowhead icon on his portrait. The increase arrow suggests that the character’s facet is more powerful than the enemy’s element and so the damages dealt by this character will be higher than other team members. This method you can get rid of tougher enemies an initial before handle weaker ones.

There are 6 elements and also each hero boasts among these elements: Water, Earth, Fire, Thunder, Dark and also Light

Fire is more powerful than earth however weaker 보다 water

Water is stronger than fire yet weaker than thunder

Thunder is more powerful than water however weaker than earth

Earth is stronger than thunder but weaker than fire

Of all 6 elements, light and also dark room an exception and also they room stronger versus each other.

Equip much better Weapons to her Heroes

As friend battle more and an ext enemies in Brave Frontier: The last Summoner, you will need to equip an effective weapons to your party members if you want to defeat tougher villains. You might get tools as rewards from specific missions, and also there is a high possibility of obtaining them in story mode boss missions. You can likewise get them native weapon events that lets you play objectives to farm yard weapons.


Once you get weapons, head to every character’s web page under “Units” and tap the readjust button. Many units have the right to wield only one weapon type, so you may find two or an ext weapons of the same form in the equipment choice page. Simply tap a newly acquired weapon and also see if there’s a stats change. Number in green show rise in vital attributes such together ATK, DEF HP etc. But if you choose a weaker weapon, stats revolve orange and also there’s a down arrowhead icon next to each attribute. Pick a weapon the improves an essential attributes.

Fusion will aid you gain a quick XP Boost

When your personalities level up, they improve key stats such together ATK, DEF and also MAG. They get XP throughout battle and level up when their XP bar is full, so friend may think about playing or replaying an ext story-mode goals to level them increase quickly.


However, there’s another way to level up faster. Every you have to do is walk to a character’s page and tap the “Fuse” switch to fuse upgrade products such together “metal kings”, “metal gods” etc. Right into your character and also get a huge EXP boost. You will likewise need a details amount the “karma” (blue orbs) to finish the blend procedure. Friend can gain upgrade materials from new story missions and karma from brand-new and perfect missions.

Be fine Prepared prior to Fighting adversaries in Harvest and difficulty game modes

When you complete a mission in story, friend unlock three more game modes for the same mission: Harvest, challenge and Challenge+. Of these three modes, “Challenge+” is the hardest, yet that go not typical Harvest mode is easy. A mission play in Harvest mode have the right to be pretty tough if you room ill-prepared. You have to equip powerful weapons to your characters, level them increase using fusion to enhance their stats, select your ideal heroes and make certain your some of your team members boast “Brave Burst” an abilities so that they can launch one-of-a-kind attacks versus a tougher opponent. Make certain you use the summon orbs to obtain a rare character from the summon screen. You will gain 300 orbs together welcome rewards. You have the right to then level that up much faster with the help of fusion.

How to obtain Combat Crystals

As you already know, combat crystals are supplied to launch an abilities of a character. You obtain combat crystals once you strike enemies. You have the right to then use crystals come charge ability spheres and launch them. Here’s how to obtain crystals:

Recruit a unit that can wield a scepter. Systems equipped v scepter generate an ext crystals when they assault enemies. The “Undine Healer”, which girlfriend will obtain in action 2-4 – “Brutal Men”, is equipped with a scepter.

Make certain all party members room alive at the finish of the revolve to get additional crystals from every of them. Units placed on guard also generate crystals.

So there are two ways to create combat crystals – by attack enemies and by continuing to be alive in ~ the finish of every turn. Make certain you have at the very least one healer equipped v a scepter come gain extr crystals.

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Save crystals for the last few battles in a story mission. Usually, it’s the last battle where you challenge tougher enemies and in such cases launching skills using combat crystals can help you defeat them faster.