To allow all Newark"s youth, specifically those who require us most, to end up being caring, productive, and also responsible citizens.

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Mr. Ameer S. Washington

Main address

1 Avon Ave

Newark, NJ 07108 USA

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Mr. Ameer Washington

Chief executive Officer

Fundraising contact phone: (973) 242-1200 Ext 102

Physical Address

1 Avon Ave

Newark, NJ 07108

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1 Avon Ave

Newark, NJ 07108

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Legal surname of organization: guys & Girls club of Newark

EIN because that payable organization: 22-1515405



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Boys and also Girls Clubs (Combined) (O23)

Educational Services and Schools - other (B90)

Community recreational Centers (N31)


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Boys & Girls society of Newark offer youth in a low-income neighborhood who execute not always have access to high quality food, health care, mental and also behavioral health and wellness support, and also many of the families are led through a single parent. A large percentage the our family members live ~ above an income of $25,000 or less, with more than 80% that youth qualifying for cost-free and decreased lunch at school. Additionally, the graduation price in Newark, NJ trails behind the brand-new Jersey state average by more than 15%. Data shows that there is a high correlation with incarceration and also poverty, when academic success, particularly high college graduation is not realized. This prevailing challenge in the Newark community, proceeds to exacerbate the violent crime and also drug abuse we see in our community.

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BGCA clubs serve school-age youth through a selection of programs including homework assistance, modern technology centers, teen centers, career exploration, job assistance, sports and also recreation, art classes and also leadership development. In addition to regime development, guys & girls Clubs the America gives programmatic and executive training because that Club experts nationwide.