Similar principle of adult going ago in time right into body the his younger self and also tries to change the previous to save a girl close come him.

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When the MC is about to dice or is in a very tight spot therefore does he unexpectedly travel ago in time come his school days temporarily, to change the past in stimulate to conserve both himself as a girl in his class that has been murdered in the existing timeline, and also to find the murderer behind all this mess.
Keeping the simple, if you prefer thrillers that have actually you playing detective on the edge of her seat, look at no further.
Both protagonists have the strength to travel ago in time. Both of their powers have triggered in the very same way. Other than that, they additionally have comparable goals i m sorry is to conserve a girl.
Tokyo Revengers is utilizing Boku Dake's take it on time travel and raison d'être (solving and preventing a murder). If Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is unquestionably a masterpiece - a tourism de pressure of gyeongju hearts, panting lungs and neckhairs on end - Tokyo Revengers folds into a classic delinquent drama that so-so quality. Comparing lock is a tad unfair: Tokyo Revengers is a great watch, Boku Dake is just so much additional ahead the the median "good watch" seems choose a disastrous idea. If you choose Tokyo Revengers, friend will likely love Boku Dake. Not necessarily the other means around.
Both have actually the exact same premise, time travel to save a girl. TR has far better characters, Erased far better mystery.
Both key character have actually the strength of earlier in time, and their powers trigger in the very same way. Lock have similar purpose which is conserve a girl likewise their method is same, both main character trying to change events in the existing time v do different actions in the past.
Both follow a main character that travels ago in time to save a friend/love interest who has passed away.
The main characters in both collection are going earlier in time to conserve someone. Erased is a mystery filled through crime and also supernatural elements, when TR is one action about teenagers who are delinquents, and also both are revolving around one female personality which they space trying come save.
In the massive world of time take trip stories, this two series decide to take it the same technique by having actually the male main character go earlier in time and save a female character from none other than fate itself.
Both MC try to save the Girl they love with Time leaping however the Story that Tokyo Revengers is completely Different
Both exactly has the exact same premise and concept.The key protagonist literally dice in the very first episode because of some murderer top top the loose and then magically going ago to the previous for one unknown reason, giving him a possibility to uncover the stated murderer.

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