You don’t have to strictly it is in a Blade and Soul, however if you space playing Blade and Soul ~ above EU or NA servers, you must reblog this and also include her main personalities name, together with your server and region. Ns love making friends and also I’d want nothing much more than to find amazing human being in this community to pat BnS with! This can be a good way for every one of us playing the video game to affix with one another.Character: NuggetServer: PoharanRegion: NA

Character: Moonie / MermaidServer: MushinRegion: NA

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Precious smol infant Moonie.

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The Rules:

Likes carry out not count together entries, just reblogs!

You should be complying with me.

The giveaway will last until September 30th.

10 winners will be selected by a randomizer.

You have the right to reblog as plenty of times as you want, they will certainly be count as another entry for you.

If you don’t follow every one of the rules and also are selected by the randomizer, I will pick a brand-new winner.

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New an essential effects! Download lock here! Please read the installation guide included!

Thanks to lewdshi for she help! image used was noted by a totally free vector website.

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phoenixfg said: I have to log ago in but my nieces acquire soooo offended. LOL! They choose Pillars of eternity better! 😛

Omg, awww. XD IT’S OKAY. IT’S EQUALLY attack TO MEN and WOMEN. XD

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jhadfhf for this reason I started Tera again. If anyone theatre on either storm Reach or Ascension Valleeey…

Youuuu should send me a message and also we can get together. :3

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1. Very first place!!: One personality portrait

2. 2nd place (TWO WINNERS) A personality line-up with ONE undies shot and also ONE casual outfit

Rules!! YOU need to B adhering to ME!!.. Ns WILL examine if you’re adhering to me right now & NOT simply for the giveaway pls don’t lmao

-REBLOGS just count: You can reblog as much as u want!! yet pls it is in considerate of your followers.

- i won’t carry out aliens/furries.. Must have actually humanoid features, i would choose to execute a girl character!! they’re simpler for me! but I will execute boy

ENDS march 27th!! have fun!!

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Art giveaway!



So i vowed to do a giveaway once I gained to 100 followers! I’m in ~ 88 now, so I number this will end about when i reach 100!This is my first and a very straightforward giveaway, for this reason it’s no going come look too fancy right now. Ns hope it’s okay enough!

PRIZE - the winner will get a fancy headshot/bust (if there are a lot much more entries than I anticipated, the prize will go increase accordingly)


o. You can like this, and reblog it. You can reblog increase to three times and each will count! - any much more will gain you disqualified, don’t annoy her followers!o. Girlfriend don’t need to be following me, yet there will certainly be a surprise extra if friend are!o. Please leave your ask box/submit/whatever open so i can contact you! if you don’t answer in 48 hours, I’ll carry out a re-draw.o. I will draw anything even if it is you desire your sexy male OC or horse-face Jean or a cute tiny lolitao. Don’t worry, be happy