as we all know, there is no timeless armor in blade&soul. Instead, armor tools is in the type of outfits.there are an array of costumes in blade & spirit with some selling in the cash shop and also some farmable. For those who don't desire to spend bns gold in those an intricate items, in fact, you can solo farm yard a many costumes in the game. Here's part of the perform of costumes that you have the right to solo farm.

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viridian coast

costumes: red mask( lv10 )

location: goldleaf foundry in gloomdross forest

dropped: last ceo dusk adder overseer furin

drop rate: rare, farming 50 time

tips:you will have to farm goldleaf foundry in gloomdross forest for this. It has actually a possibility to drop turn off the last boss (dusk adder overseer furin) yet it is fairly rare so be mentally prepared to execute 50 runs for this.

costumes: beast hunter(lv16 )

location: lair the the yutay in songshu isle

dropped: critical boss

drop rate: rare

tips:for this costume, you will must farm lair of the yutay in songshu isle of viridian coast. The drops turn off the critical boss also but drop price doesn’t it seems to be ~ to it is in as negative as red mask.



costumes: bandit queen - gon woman only(lv16 )

location: adder’s nest dungeon in songshu isle

dropped: critical boss

drop rate: rare

tips:only farm this ~ above a gon woman toon together the costume is not tradeable. It has a low possibility to drop off the last boss of adder’s nest dungeon in songshu isle.


costumes: cream color specter/red specter(lv25 )

location: sentinel coastline area that songshu isle

dropped: security insignias / blackram insignias

purchase: 30/40 insignias for premium membership. For non-premium membership, you can purchase them native the viridian valor stone vendor next to the windstride teleport place in jadestone village.



the cinderlands

costumes: pugilist / no issues - jin male only / summoner cat apron(lv36 )

location: the playpen dungeon in scorching sands

dropped: critical boss

tips: this costume drops off the playpen mini dungeon in scorching sands. Lot like the various other drops, it comes off the last boss encounter.

costumes obsidian serpent/black veil/cap(lv36 )

location: finish act 2 thing 30 first, then unlock the everyday mission from gunsang in ~ the door referred to as enroaching shadows

dropped: critical boss and let the npc die in the end of the mission come the boss, if the npc survives, simply abandon the everyday mission and also reacquire it.

drop rate: usually farming daily mission 100 times gain all


costumes: crimson officer uniform/cerulean officer uniform(lv36 )

location: scorching sands

dropped: equip your faction uniform and also kill the contrary faction npcs. Ultimately two mini bosses will certainly spawn and killing them will certainly drop insignia you can exchange through your seller at the camp.

tips: among the most well-known costume/adornments come farm. The costume look at slick and also the adornments looks great for any type of assassin/ninja looks. To farm this, girlfriend will need to finish act 2 thing 30. You will then unlock the everyday mission native gunsang in ~ the door dubbed enroaching shadows.

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moonwater plains

costumes: boundless challenger(lv43 )

location: sapphire container region

dropped: naksun boss in dreadtide arena

this is a an excellent costume because that a kung fu grasp in blade&soul

costumes: mystery agent(lv43 )

location: talus engineer corps circumstances of misty woods

dropped: exceptional combat automaton crowd of daily quest native chun sanil in skyhaven perch

tips: when this costume is on ncstore, it also have a low possibility to drop off the superior combat automaton mob in talus technician corps circumstances of misty woods.