Bigg boss 11 contestants were separated into Red team and also Blue team for a task moderated through Hiten Tejwani, who lastly lost his cool on the show.


The Bigg boss ‘gharwaale’ space going to put their finest foot front today, through every contestant keen on becoming the next captain in the Bigg Boss house. The privilege the captaincy will only be given to a contestant indigenous the win team in this Luxury budget plan task.

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Bigg ceo ka ghar bana jungle aur ghar bane jungli” – tonight’s episode opened up with a voice over that tells united state what is in store. Obtain ready for a storm the will also claim Hiten Tejwani, who has so much remained silent and calm top top the show. Life in a tropical is all around the survive of the fittest and today’s task is among the toughest yet. The lawn area is converted right into an man-made jungle and a massive cavern has been built around the enntrance gate of the key house. This jungle will be a ar of refuge because that the contestants, where they will see the dark side of every other.

Earlier, prior to the brand-new day began, the contestants were spooked out once they witnessed Mehjabi staring in ~ them as if she was possessed by a ghost. Akash went up to her and also asked, “Mehjabi aunty aap theek ho na?”. Only after some reassurance native her, every contestants went back to sleep. Next morning, contestants wake as much as the tune "Aaja Gufaon Mein Aa". Akash and Arshi request Mehjabi what the heck was up with her critical night. Mehjabi speak them the this wake up to her sometimes. They comment on the possibility of what could have occurred to her.

Hina has actually a trusted chat through Dhinchak Pooja and asked her if she to be the just child. Pooja says ‘yes’. The cringe-pop singer additional revealed that her parental were no happy with her participating in the show as they are a conservative Jain family, and also Hina tells her the her parents, too, were not in favour that it. Further, once other contestants asked she if she knew the number of fans she had, Pooja candidly responded the it was not possible since over there were quite a few negative comments together well. Hina feels that Pooja is a smart girl together she to know the reality.

For the new task, the garden area has been convert in a makeshift jungle. The contestants are divided into a team the two. Red team has actually Sapna, Hiten, Benafsha, Dhinchak Pooja, Shilpa, Hina, Mehjabi and Sabyasachi. Blue team has actually Bandgi, Arshi, Akash, Puneesh, Jyoti, Vikas. They need to live in the ‘jungle’ without any amenities or luxuries that the Bigg Boss house. Both team will certainly send one nominee within a cave and also whoever has actually the preferably teammates exterior by the finish of the task, wins. Luv is the sanchalak (moderator) that the task with the power of favouring his preferred team. The job does not finish here. Contestants will carry out their finest to irk the other person forcing the member of the opposite team to give up.

Akash throw water on Blue team’s stuff and also ruins it. Luv is being a polite coordinator that the task asks contestants to no throw water on mics and to not touch each other. During an argument, Akash tells Hina, “Itne bade bade logo design ke sath kaam kia hai tabhi hello TV pe atki hai!”. Hina proceeds to have a difficult time performing this job with Akash, Puneesh and Bandagi lashing out at her. Bandagi and Hina gets right into an debate where Bandgi phone call her out for hurting her. Hina says, “Ye celebrity banne aayi hai” to Bandagi. The tiff in between Akash and Hina gets much more intense, through Hina calling that a ‘flop star’ throughout the task. The cavern opens for the very first time, which is basically the enntrance gate to the key house, yet noone enters it and also continues the task. Akash conspires v Red team and also fails miserably.

From throw dirty water and cow dung to hurling harsh indigenous at every other, they will certainly come up through innovative concepts to harass the members of the opposite team today. Blue team smears dirt on Shilpa as the night began to cast over the house. Shilpa litter a bucket ~ above Arshi ~ she just touches her. Jyoti is at sight pissed in ~ the task. Vikas is unnaturally silent.

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The task begins to acquire violent v contestants throw muddy water on each other. Luv gets an order indigenous Bigg ceo that he can remove any type of contestant from the job for breaking rules. Hiten loses his cool and also tells Akash to eliminate his mic and also then play. Contestants room unable to hold their laughter together it is for the an initial time that they have actually seen Hiten angry and an obstacle a housemate.

Mehjabi is lured to go into the cave by putting presents from household there, as bait. ~ a the majority of contemplation, Mehjabi refuses the gifts and also continues the task. Blue team tries come brainwash Pooja and also tells her that her team made fun of she on the very first day. Pooja claims she does no care around that. Akash additional tells Pooja to turn her rapper mindset on and also enter the cave. Pooja speak him that he, too, is a rapper so he additionally should get in the cave. Vikas says, “I am a man!”