Arshi khan declares Vikas together the winner the the 'meanest of them all' task prior to leaving the home in tears.


With the last week pacing, the 5 contestants of Bigg boss 11 – Shilpa, Hina, Vikas, Puneesh and also Akash have shown an excellent potential in enduring the 100 to add days and in the next 4 days, the winner will certainly be announced. But there are still a couple of tasks to it is in performed and also in tonight’s episode, Arshi cannes will continue taking a check of meanness that the contestants. As the spotlight falls on one inmate, others will display their mean side to her or him and also Arshi would certainly decide who is the meanest among all.

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The height 5 contestants that Bigg ceo 11

Inmates wake up to the "Halkat Jawani" song. Akash talks to Arshi around Shilpa and also the ups and downs their partnership has remained in the house. Akash claims that Shilpa is 40 and he is 24. Arshi makes fun the him and also asks the why he kissed she then. Akash tells her to type differences in between him and Shilpa. Puneesh and also Shilpa talk about Akash that exactly how he is getting over friendly with Arshi. Arshi comes back to Shilpa and talks about Akash. They make fun of him and also his behaviour.

Vikas speak Puneesh that even Shilpa has actually been not correct in providing extra liberty come Akash. He states they were ‘mother-son’ and now they were gaining into a dirty scene. Arshi and Shilpa talk about Akash if Vikas listens come them stand in the kitchen. Hina talks to Vikas about Shilpa. She claims she need to have much more years that experience but what she has actually achieved in eight years, an extremely less people can achieve even in 20 years. Hina additional says the Shilpa has actually only to be leaving shows and also even if she cases that the TRPs dropped short article her leaving, she image has actually taken a beating.

The task begins and so walk the search to discover the meanest human in the house. Hina speak Arshi that she is going to destroy Akash"s fabricated gold chains. Vikas says he will certainly spray his outright head back and paint two pair of shoes in various colors. Puneesh speak Arshi the he will damages his brown towel. Shilpa jokes speak she wants to slap him. Climate she changes it to putting his red shoes in water. Arshi announces Vikas"s name in play the mean card top top Akash. So Vikas will paint his 2 shoes and also spray paint on his head.

Next is Hina and Puneesh claims he will destroy her night suits together all space rented. Shilpa states she will certainly either damage her consist of or damage her "Sher Khan" mug given by her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal. Vikas tells Arshi the he will repaint her favourite blue bathrobe red. Arshi choose Shilpa"s median option. Hina beginning crying and gives her mug come Shilpa. Hina tells Shilpa come not destroy that yet Shilpa does no relent and breaks the mug v a hammer. Shilpa then goes within saying who claims she can not do tasks while taunting Hina and Vikas who declared that Shilpa walk not do tasks and only walk cooking. Shilpa states sometimes, it offers happiness to it is in mean. Hina cries, obviously, and Vikas consoles her. Hina collects the broken pieces of the mug and sees that the Sher in the Sher Khan has not broken. Vikas stop Hina indigenous fighting through Shilpa. The tells her that every one of this will be over in just 4 days. Shilpa tells Puneesh that she does not even feel negative that she broke Hina’s mug.

Hina states she will repaint Puneesh’s jacket sent out by Bandagi. Vikas claims he will wax his legs. Shilpa says she will destroy his red shoes. Akash states he will paint and destroy his bathtub robe. Arshi choose Vikas"s idea of waxing his body. Puneesh claims that it to be being physical fairly than meanbut Arshi corrects him that it is enabled and comes under the typical bracket. Vikas waxes his legs. Vikas wins the task. Arshi pipeline the home with tears in her house.

Puneesh cribs around the waxing thing in prior of Shilpa. He additionally feels that Arshi was biased in declaring Vikas the winner. In ~ night, Bigg boss calls all the contestants come the garden area as he is going to announce one eviction now. The top four will remain. The person"s plate that burns the end is for sure in the house.

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Shilpa, Vikas and also Hina room safe. Akash and also Puneesh space the last two and one that them will certainly be evicted. They room asked to offer their bye speeches. After ~ a many suspense, Bigg boss announces that Akash has actually been evicted, making Puneesh one of the top 4 finalists. Akash hugs everybody and bids adieu. Bigg boss wishes Hina, Vikas, Shilpa and Puneesh all the finest for make it come the height four. All cheer with "Bang Bang" together Akash leaves the house. Shilpa gets emotional.