Madden is a game focused approximately strategy. Having actually the appropriate playbook is one method to develop an advantage before the game even starts. Everyone is in search of the cookie cutter best playbook in Madden 22. However, the is not just how you have to be going around selecting a playbook. Your offensive and defensive playbooks have to be fitted to your personnel. The Chiefs playbook is the best playbook because that the Chiefs offense. The Ravens playbook is the finest playbook for a Lamar Jackson led offense. Through that said, below are the ideal playbooks in Madden 22, based on your roster.

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The ideal Offensive Playbook for a Pass-Heavy Team

The finest offensive playbook in Madden 22 is the Kansas City Chiefs, if you space looking to throw the ball often. Madden has actually made a concerted initiative to more accurately match a groups play layout over the past two games. No one is much better at designing passing sets 보다 Andy Reid, and EA is over there to stealing his plays and also hand them come you.

Honorable Mention: The new Orleans Saints Playbook

The finest Offensive Playbook for a Run-Heavy Team

If your quarterback have the right to handle draft runs than the Baltimore Ravens playbook is the method to go. Also with a stationary signal caller this playbook would be recommended because that a run-heavy offense. An alternate would be to check out the Cleveland Browns attack playbook. The Browns have actually a an ext standard 2021 running attack. The Ravens use a lot of more facility play design that may be a little too TE/FB focused. The Browns run a really normal playbook that most rosters have the right to run effectively.

The best Offensive Playbook because that a mobile Quarterback

As i alluded to earlier, the Baltimore Ravens Playbook is the finest playbook because that a team with a cell phone quarterback at the helm. The playbook has plenty of designed quarterback runs and also will call them frequently if you count on coaching suggestions to pick plays. The playbook has actually a good running video game overall and also utilizes the tight finish effectively. A mobile quarterback can prosper in this system.

The finest Offensive Playbook for a balanced Team

If you are in search of a well balanced offensive approach, climate you have actually some options. The san Francisco 49ers and Las las vegas Raiders room both high quality playbooks for well balanced attacks. That said, i think the brand-new England Patriots have actually the best offensive playbook for a well balanced team. The violation is good for mid-range passing and also features a brand-new formation designed because that a dynamic run game. If you have actually a solid operation game, and want a for sure passing attack, look at no additional than new England. There is tho plenty the plays come air the sphere out, yet a most the happen plays are designed for threat mitigation.


The protective playbooks in Madden 22 space going to it is in even an ext important. Defense is much less user pushed and more pre-play strategy. As soon as again, you room going to desire to fit your defense to her team. The easiest distinction is in between a 4-3 and 3-4 defense. If girlfriend have four athletic and talented linebackers, the 3-4 defense is because that you. If not, plug the holes with a 4-3 happen rush, utilizing two protective tackles and also two defensive ends.

The ideal Defensive Playbook: Hybrid

I prefer to mix up mine looks when playing Madden. A hybrid defense is the way to go. The finest hybrid defense is the new England Patriots Defense. They have actually a basic 3-4 defense but likewise have 2 4-3 sets as well. The Patriots playbook is very balanced and features every little thing you should beat her opponent.

The finest Defensive Playbook: 3-4

The finest defensive playbook in Madden 22 is the Tampa only Buccaneers playbook. 3-4 defenses utilize 4 linebackers i m sorry is ideal provided Madden’s emphasis on speed. Linebackers are additionally easier come develop and have an ext of an affect on the game than protective tackles in franchise mode. My goal is constantly to get 4 high-end linebackers and also create destruction with complex blitzes, quarterback spies, and also user coverage come take away the center of the field. The best means to execute this in Madden is through a 3-4 defense. Fortunately, Todd Bowles is pass some unique blitz packages to the game.

The Pittsburg Steelers additionally have a an excellent 3-4 defense v some formations that are brand brand-new to Madden 22.

The ideal Defensive Playbook: 4-3

The ideal defensive playbook in Madden 22 for a 4-3 defense is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings have actually a bunch of 4-3 formations through a healthy mix of nickel, dollar, prevent, and also goal line. The Vikings rely greatly on their defensive front. The 4-3 development is the way to get the many out of the place group.

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Now you recognize the finest playbooks in Madden 22 based upon roster construction. If you want to see every one of the Madden 22 player ratings,click here. If girlfriend would favor to see much more Madden 22 content,click here.