for this reason I desire to discuss around Bella\"s \"depression\" in brand-new Moon, does anyone discover it exaggerated and too melodramatic? exactly how do you discover it? for this reason after Edward left her, she feels incredibly depressed and finds solace in Jacob, who turns out to it is in a supernatural being together well: a were-wolf. And also not to mention, her grades are slipping since of this.

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Camille wrote: \"So I desire to discuss around Bella\\'s \\\"depression\\\" in brand-new Moon, does anyone uncover it exaggerated and too melodramatic? exactly how do you uncover it? therefore after Edward left her, she feels very depressed and fi...\"\\n\\n' + $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.Highlight('comment_body_usertext')\" class=\"smallText\" href=\"#comment_form\">reply | flag *
i am not sure that Bella\"s depression is exaggeration so lot as it\"s just setup silly that she together a modern-day young mrs feels that her life is over since a boy she preferred is no longer interested in her. Ns personally constantly thought the her over the peak reaction had much more to execute with the fact that Edward was dazzling her, and had come to be rather favor a drug. She was enduring from withdrawal and also the drug was Edward. I think the literally she was suffering from a type of withdrawal and most most likely not simply from being about Edward, yet from every one of the vampires. Jacob isn\"t a werewolf. He\"s a shapeshifter and also essentially normal prior to the vampires show up. Jacob helps her feel much better before she ever learns that turns right into a big wolf. So his being superordinary is type of second to her link to him. I thought that someone should have actually held an intervention or something whereby she was concerned. Nothing about that girl claims healthy.Saille
Saille wrote: \"I am not certain that Bella\\'s depression is exaggerated so lot as it\\'s just plan silly that she as a modern young mrs feels that her life is over because a young she chosen is no much longer interested in ...\"\\n\\n' + $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.Highlight('comment_body_usertext')\" class=\"smallText\" href=\"#comment_form\">reply | flag *
Nothing about Bella\"s depression appeared over the height to me mainly due to the fact that it was completely in line v her biggest character flaw: the i can not qualify to tell the difference between love and obsession. Due to her obsession v Edward (which she assumed was love) she attached her whole life and future to this one person. When this human leaves (for what she believed would be forever), the takes her whole life and future together with it. She had actually no plans, thoughts or even identity external of Edward, so her depression to be to me an proper reaction because she basically shed herself. Nobody of this is great obviously and had Edward continued to be away she could have came to be a an ext likable character and a lot stronger because she would have actually been required to uncover her own identification eventually and the reader would certainly have acquired see in reality grow and change.As for Jacob, together stated prior to by Saille, she find solace in that well prior to he i do not care a supernatural creature, so i see tiny connection in the attachment. Despite his supernaturalness does in a means force she to form a much better attachment to him due to the fact that unlike Edward, he can\"t be approximately 24/7 because of his duties in the pack and also need for sleep. I always felt her relationship with Jacob to be a lot healthier yet not the answer because she tried to cling to him like she did v Edward yet couldn\"t. The series would have been much better if Bella in ~ some suggest had learned exactly how to live life once it\"s no revolved around someone rather in stimulate for her to it is in happy.

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KarmaSc0rpi0n wrote: \"Nothing around Bella\\'s depression seemed over the peak to me mainly due to the fact that it was completely in line through her greatest character flaw: the inability to phone call the difference in between love and also obsession...\"\\n\\n' + $('comment_body_usertext').value;new Effect.Highlight('comment_body_usertext')\" class=\"smallText\" href=\"#comment_form\">reply | flag *