I have the N600 DB. I"m having trouble finding what the different led colors typical on that is indicator light.

My crate was lacking any documentation. The included CD is for windows and also Mac. I usage Linux ~ above a laptop v no optical drive. So that"s reasonably useless in ~ the moment.

Can anyone suggest me to a URL that consists of a summary of what the different colors mean?


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I found it online

Off: The variety Extender is no plugged right into a strength source. Blinking Blue: The variety Extender is starting up.

Solid Amber: The selection Extender is connected to the Wi-Fi network yet is experiencing a weak signal. The weak signal might be one of two people the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band.

A weak signal may cause performance problems. Consider moving the selection Extender closer to the wireless router. Blinking Amber: The selection Extender is not associated to the Wi-Fi network. Inspect to make certain that your wireless router is to work properly, and/or move the range Extender closer to the wireless router.

Alternating Blue/Amber: The selection Extender is prepared to be set up. (Refer to “Getting Started” because that instructions on just how to set up your selection Extender.)

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