Our background shows that good things can take place when you store your emphasis local.

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In 1874, financial institution of the West opened up its doors ~ above the California frontier as Farmers nationwide Gold Bank. One of just 10 financial institutions nationwide authorized to issue paper currency donate by yellow reserves, the san Jose financial institution helped people construct homes, finance farms, and grow their businesses.

Over the years, we prospered bigger and reached past our hometown roots. Customers entrusted us through their money, we continued to provide good service, protect deposits and lend prudently to the growing areas we served. In 1880, Farmers national Gold bank became very first National bank of mountain Jose.

Careful management and also sound banking practices allowed the bank to add to the just Area’s expansion through the 1906 earthquake, the great Depression, and two civilization Wars. Following human being War II, the financial institution grew rapidly and also by 1979 had actually 35 mountain Francisco only Area locations and $350 million in assets.

In 1979, we changed our name to financial institution of the West. The adjust reflected our desire to grow and carry out our format of partnership banking past the only Area. Today, we have branch and also commercial bank offices across the West Coast, the Southwest, the Midwest, and the Rocky hill states.

Since 1980, we have actually been affiliated v BNP Paribas, a leading financial institution in Europe with an worldwide reach. In 2001, our holding company BancWest Corporation ended up being a wholly-owned subsidiary the BNP Paribas.

Bank that the West has continued to grow in current years, many thanks to a mix of necessary growth and strategic acquisitions, consisting of United California Bank, the largest Los Angeles-based bank, in 2002, Union for sure Deposit bank in California’s main Valley and also Community an initial Bank in Fargo, ND, both in 2004, and Commercial federal Bank, the Omaha, in 2005.

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Today, bank of the West operates more than 600 retail, wealth, commercial and also business banking workplaces in 23 states. Prudent credit underwriting, a diversity loan portfolio, and also careful risk administration have allowed us to grow to an ext than $80.7 exchange rate in assets. It is among the nation’s biggest banks, yet it preserves its neighborhood feel and also its award-winning format of relationship banking that ensures exceptional customer service.

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