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My Bonnie & Clyde shiiitt...whooaa five hoaa whoaaa mine Bonnie & Clyde shit whoa ohh hoaaBandit corridor MarcoMy baby fuck wit' mine pimpin' she kno' we ain't wastin' no timeBitches it is in pushin' increase on me she tell 'em go was standing in the lineMy baby right by my side, she mine ride or my dieRidin' in the car wit' castle straps we on part Bonnie & Clyde shitBonnie & Clyde (x4)Yummy PearlYummy Pearl...He told me don't worry bout shitYo' homie sit earlier while I get itLemme just go obtain this money, all you gotta perform is watch cute & take care of ours businessBabygirl remain out yo feelings, these other hoes ain't fuckin' witchaThese bitches just see digits, you my bitch ain't no competitionAnd once shit go under them various other hoes prolly go missin'I'm his under ass bitch but I'm increase tho' ima 100 & they grounding on zeroSee he gotta lil class yet he street tho'Got me wonderin' ,what this nigga select me fo?He kno' he got a great girl,I'm his freak tho' my baby taught me the video game & the street codesSo what us gon' do it every for castle C Notes, and he know... to be there because that every situation, ns kno' money is what friend chasin'If you desire it then we gon' take it..Baby ns gotcho back & ima sang it|Hook|
ChezI don't desire you to leave me(oh no no nooo) continue to be by my next (x2)Together us ride (we ride) prefer Bonnie & ClydeSometimes I carry out a lil extra, I carry out not mean to upset ya, wanna host youAnd protect ya, feelin' choose we deserve to do betterBaby lets push far from all the pressure, i take you overseas for the summerWe both love money bae let's acquire these commasI don't care what they to speak I'm always gon' love yaWe go to war together make 'em sufferIf I had actually then you had it to, your swagger enhance my swagger tooGil ns kno' i ain't perfect, simply kno' that I'm precious itAll I need in this life the sin is me and also my girlfriendDown come ride til the very end , simply me & mine girlfriend|Hook|Jr 2 crucialIt was love at first sight, ns knew she was mine once she feeling wrong ns made the rightShe right by my side, all set to ride. If lovin' friend is a crime I'll do the timeShe got my back like a spine, this is true love no reason to lie (x2)If the look impossible we make it possibleTake her wherever ns told her its optional she mine number 1There's no instead of , as soon as they watch us with each other that's as soon as they hatingDon't treatment if they hatin' cuz...|Hook|