LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – toys R united state is planning come shutter a 5th of its U.S. Stores, consisting of two in Arkansas.

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CNNMoney reports that the troubled retailer, which claimed bankruptcy in September, is looking to close as plenty of as 182 outlets across the country, follow to a court filing late Tuesday.

Arkansas shop on the list are:

Little Rock, Babies “R” Us, 2616 S. Shackleford Rd.Fort Smith, playthings R Us, 5609 E. Rogers Ave.

Over almost seven decades in business, playthings R united state has accumulated 1,600 stores approximately the world. About 880 that them room in the U.S.

The filing Tuesday by the company’s lawyers said the decision come shut so plenty of stores was motivated by enhanced competition and a transition by customers towards online shopping.

The planned closures, which need court approval, space expected to begin early following month and be greatly completed through the finish of April, toys R us CEO Dave Brandon stated in a message to customers post on the company’s website.

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