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“Attack on Titan” thing 117 will pick increase from a major cliffhanger wherein Eren appears to be in ~ a major disadvantage. However, the final moments in thing 116 additionally suggests the a one-on-one fight between Eren and Reiner can be brewing.

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The last pages of chapter 116 were definitely structure up for much more action-packed scenes in “Attack top top Titan” chapter 117. Pieck made the look choose she was completely betraying Marley by “giving” info of their whereabouts to Eren. However, it was all simply a ruse for this reason Eren could be in the open and also Porco Galliard’s Jaw Titan could eat the starting Titan that is right now possessed by Eren.

Porco just severed Eren’s legs yet he was additionally seen protecting Pieck and Gabi. But a lot bigger trouble for Eren now is the gunship the Marleyans and also a visibly determined Reiner Braun who desires to avenge Liberio. The really last panel of thing 116 confirmed Reiner being addressed that they will eventually claim the starting Titan “to gain revenge because that Liberio.” So countless fans are expecting the to directly fight with Eren in “Attack on Titan” thing 117.

Meanwhile, the would also make feeling to see Eren hit Porco’s Jaw Titan an initial in “Attack on Titan” thing 117. Since chapter 116 already ended with them face to face, seeing them in one initial battle is extremely plausible. A pan on Reddit suggested that when Eren and Porco fight, Reiner could first attempt to retrieve Pieck, Gabi, and Falco.

It will take a while prior to “Attack ~ above Titan” chapter 117 is released. But manga pan can also take clues on what is walk to take place from some of the dialogues in chapter 116. For one, Connie and Armin had actually a conversation about the latter activating his Colossus Titan for this reason they could escape.

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Armin protested the idea speak his titan is not perfectly accurate and he might end up ruining the entire town. Yet given the Marleyan firepower the is around to rain on lock in “Attack top top Titan” thing 117, it would seem favor Armin will certainly not have another choice. “Attack ~ above Titan” thing 117 is slated come be exit on may 9.