Atlanta engine Speedway’s renowned street-style drag racing collection the O’Reilly Auto parts Friday Night Drags, returns next Friday night. (Special Photo: Atlanta engine Speedway)

HAMPTON — Atlanta motor Speedway’s popular street-style drag racing collection the O’Reilly Auto parts Friday Night Drags, returns following Friday night.

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The return to AMS marks the 12th season of high-intensity, side-by-side vain on the famed pit-lane drag strip.

The summer-long racing series heralds competition amongst 18 various divisions, featuring a massive array of cars, trucks, motorcycles and ATVs. Vehicles competing variety from super load dragsters and hot rods to daily drivers and also stock vehicles watched navigating neighborhood streets. Drivers fight in a nightly, single-elimination competition for trophies, bragging rights and also season championship points.

The 2018 season that O’Reilly Auto parts Friday Night Drags will function 15 dates, through opening night might 11, and running every Friday with Aug. 24, v the exception of might 25 in observance of Memorial job weekend.

The 2018 season also boasts a robust, spectator-friendly promotions schedule, kicking off with a magnet-schedule giveaway sponsored by Rinnai on opened Night because that the very first 3,000 v the gates. Youngsters Power wheel Racing will follow in week two, while the season’s clues opener will certainly take place June 1.

June 22 and also August 3 will certainly both attribute $1 concessions nights, if “Atlanta’s divine War ~ above Wheels” will pit regional clergy because that a “Faster Pastor” competition on June 29.

A special, patriotic edition of Friday Night Drags will take location on freedom Day, Wednesday, July 4, v the Papa John’s Pizza Fireworks Extravaganza, when the sunlight goes under – v a complete lineup of mid-week traction racing come follow.

The south-east Gassers Association will visit throughout the following week ~ above July 13, featuring an impressive lineup that guttural, 1960s dragsters because that a one-of-a-kind “throwback” division of nostalgic racing.

Other distinct promotions include another Power wheel Racing night July 20, the “Night the Fire” v special appearances by the earth-rattling Jet Dragsters ~ above July 27, and also Nitro pro Bike Night Aug. 10, each of which will certainly energize fans with an awesome display screen of power and also pageantry. The season will certainly conclude with its Championship Night, crowning 18 division champions, on Aug. 24.

Drag gyeongju competition is open up to all participants for an entry dues of $20. Vehicles are required to have actually a functioning seat belt and each driver and passenger should wear a DOT-approved helmet.

Drags will also include the weekly Show-N-Shine competition, with seven divisions of judging in between cars, trucks and also motorcycles. Show-N-Shine participation is $20 and also also allows entrants to participate in the weekly Speedway Cruise top top the 1.54-mile AMS gyeongju surface complying with judging and also prior to the start of drag racing eliminations. Vehicles indigenous the Show-N-Shine will also be displayed on the frontstretch adhering to the Speedway Cruise.

Pricing because that combo tickets to complete in both the Show-N-Shine and also drag gyeongju are available for $30. Spectator admission is simply $10, with youngsters 5 and under admitted free. Exterior parking is free, and infield parking is $20.

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For more information about the 2018 Friday Night Drags season, contact the Atlanta engine Speedway ticket office in ~ (770) 946-4211, (877) 9-AMS-TIX or visit