Ever because the very first foot the the Appalachian Trail was cleared, visitor use management has been important for protecting A.T. Resources and guiding hikers towards safe and Trail-friendly practices.READ MORE

Overseeing the management and also conservation the the Appalachian nationwide Scenic Trail due to the fact that 1925.

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The mission of the Appalachian trace Conservancy is to protect, manage, and also advocate for the Appalachian nationwide Scenic Trail.

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The Pathway from Recreation to Conservation

Through our actions top top the Appalachian Trail and also beyond, us can help conserve a valuable natural resource and inspire others to execute the same.
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Q&A with Our new Regional Directors

The Appalachian follow Conservancy (ATC) is an extremely excited to have actually not one, but two new Regional Directors join the team this month!

Happy first day the #autumn! Who"s looking forward to safety time on the #doyourpartparks.org this season? https://t.co/tP5UzTvW3Labout 10 hrs ago|
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The A.T. Returns home at Lehigh Gap, Pennsylvania

Starting in mid-October, the Keystone Trails combination will change the north Trail"s blue blazes to white blazes and hikers will as soon as again take it in the significant views the Lehigh gorge on your A.T. Hikes. Click come read more at lehighvalleylive.com.
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Broadening the Base

Inclusive efforts are crucial to structure engagement with and support because that the Appalachian Trail.
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COVID-19 recent Updates

The latest information on COVID-19 security on the A.T. And how the pandemic could affect your hiking plans.
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From the hills to The Hill

ATC intern Ethan Goldman reflects on how, there is no the hard work that so numerous previous follow maintainers, his occupational (and the work of plenty of others) would certainly not it is in possible.
Plan and PrepareHiker resource LibraryGetting prepared for one A.T. Adventure? This library of resources will aid you remain safe, healthy, and also responsible top top the Appalachian Trail.LEARN MORE


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Membership benefits incorporate an overlapping Appalachian Trail strip map, four issues of A.T. Journeys - ours member magazine, discounts at the can be fried Appalachian follow Store, volunteer opportunities and invitations to unique events.




We rely on the sacrament of donors favor you to assist us satisfy our mission and also vision that protecting the Appalachian Trail.

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Volunteers are the heart and soul the the Appalachian Trail. We have actually plenty of avenues for you come give ago to the Trail friend love so much.