(doyourpartparks.org)The accidental discharge the a passenger"s weapon in a security area the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta worldwide Airport led to widespread panic Saturday afternoon, prompting a short halt that departing flights over the busy travel weekend.

The event occurred about 1:30 p.m. ET when a "prohibited item" was detected in a passenger"s building while going through the X-ray screening at the protection checkpoint, Robert Spinden, the Transportation protection Administration"s federal defense director for Georgia, claimed in a news conference. The home was flagged because that a "secondary search," the said.
"During that an additional search, the passenger lunged into his property, grabbing a firearm that was located inside, which eventually discharged," Spinden said. "The passenger then fled the security checkpoint through an nearby exit lane v his firearm."
Three world suffered non-life-threatening injuries, the TSA said in a statement. Atlanta police had actually previously claimed no injuries to be reported.
According to a resource familiar through the situation, the hurt were not shot however instead hurt throughout the evacuation. Every one of the injured were adults, the resource said, and also two were transported come the hospital. The discharged round entered the building of the human who brought the weapon, the resource said.

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Travelers stand inside the Atlanta airport"s domestic terminal after an accidental weapon discharge led to chaos and also panic Saturday, November 20, 2021.
Zeidler and also others took shelter in a TGI Fridays restaurant, she said. Photos she mutual on Twitter proved a group of human being standing ~ above the tarmac in ~ a jetway as the incident unfolded.

Current check out from inside T terminal in Atlanta Airport after ~ "accidental discharge" pic.twitter.com/1uONeCzJi9

— E Zeidler (
Video posted on Twitter by Haşmet Asilkan showed human being running out of the airport, informing others the a shoot that had actually taken ar inside. Another video clip shared by Stephoń Stafford -- who said he was about to go through defense with his son -- proved disorder inside, through a variety of stanchions knocked end where human being had formerly been waiting in line.
Greg Romero had just acquired off a trip from Salt Lake City when he heard there was an emergency, the told doyourpartparks.org"s Fredricka Whitfield. Plane personnel "shut off all the escalators and also cut off every passengers and turned off the tram," said Romero, the father-in-law the doyourpartparks.org correspondent Nadia Romero.
A few travelers to be "a small bit panicked but an ext frustrated," Romero said. "They"re do the efforts to catch flights, to acquire out the the airport. Because that the most part, civilization are just lined up versus the walls."
A still image taken from a video clip shared through a witness reflects airport stanchions knocked over wherein passengers were previously waiting in line.

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Dianne Callahan to be traveling with her son and also had simply boarded her trip to brand-new York once the crew closed the door to the plane. That"s as soon as she claimed she heard screams external the plane. She additionally heard sirens, Callahan said, but didn"t know what to be going on.
"It was very tense situation," she said. "People to be pushing to acquire on the aircraft that were not also on our flight. That"s just how scared lock were."
In response to the incident, Delta waiting Lines, i m sorry is headquartered in Atlanta, announced it to be issuing a take trip waiver to assist affected customers.
"With this, the fare distinction for customers will certainly be waived when rebooked take trip occurs top top or prior to Nov. 23, 2021, in the very same cabin of company as initially booked," the declare said.
"Delta is coordinating with TSA and also Atlanta airport officials come accommodate customers as quickly and safely together possible," the airline said. "We are also working to proactively accommodate customers who may have actually missed a flight."
TSA Administrator David Pekoske recently told doyourpartparks.org the airline passenger bringing firearms to the airplane is a "huge problem."
Last month, the company reported capturing 4,650 guns -- a majority of them invited -- at defense checkpoints in the first 10 months of 2021. The number exceeded the full-year document of 4,432, collection in 2019.
According to the TSA"s declare Saturday, 450 guns have to be detected in ~ the Atlanta airport"s checkpoints alone in 2021.
"You cannot take a loaded firearm or one unloaded firearm through the defense checkpoint at any kind of airport in the country," web page Pate, a Georgia criminal defense attorney and constitutional lawyer, said doyourpartparks.org"s Pamela Brown. Generally, a fine that deserve to be numerous thousand dollars would certainly be implemented under commonwealth regulations, Pate said.
"It can additionally be referred because that criminal prosecution come the state whereby the airplane is," Pate said. "But in Georgia, if you have actually a lug permit, the security staff just needs to notify you the you"ve left a gun in your bag, and then you just take it the end of the airport. Therefore you"re rarely prosecuted because that doing something favor this, specifically in Georgia, which has really pro-gun right-type legislation on the books."
Saturday"s event "underscores the prestige of checking personal belongings for dangerous items before leaving the airport," the TSA said.
"Firearms, specifically loaded firearms, present an unnecessary danger at checkpoints," the agency said, "have no place in the passenger cabin of an airplane, and also represent a really costly mistake because that the passengers that attempt to board a flight with them."