Sometimes obtaining a gaming laptop with great performance in ~ a good price is never ever easy, however the ASUS ZX53VW and also a couple of other devices come through impressive and also affordable features.

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This system is powerful enough that with a full HD display and a separate NVidia GeForce GTX 960M graphic card, it can carry out a smooth gaming experience in all yet the greatest settings, and can not handle every day and media jobs while playing.



The Asus ZX53VW 15.6 is a an excellent device because that multitasking. You will not have any delays or stuttering in your typical sessions

The Intel i5-6300HQ processor works well without delay when loading applications or launching a laptop.

In addition, the HDD solid-state driver help to create much more stability in the system, which increases its speed.

This laptop comes v GameFirst III technology from Asus, i beg your pardon eliminates any type of delays you might encounter. The GTX 960 performs well in almost any scenario.

The GPU support Pascal architecture, which helps you acquire realistic graphics and good performance. Nvidia CUDA cores and also integrated VR all set features help you play games while enjoy it the ideal graphics possible.

With a couple of games like contact of Duty Infinity Warf and Assassin’s Creed Rogue ~ above this laptop, both gamings performed fine on the laptop.

Asus ZX53VW had the ability to manage daunting scenery and air interface without any kind of stuttering.

The graphics and performance in the settings above 1440p were absolutely brilliant and without a doubt. However, in the supervisor settings, you deserve to now an alert a few stutters, yet they room acceptable at this price.

Running the video game at 60FPS is not a problem for this laptop. Girlfriend can quickly reach an typical of 50 come 85 frames per second in each game you play.

So if you space looking for complete HD plus games, this laptop will surely help you to it is in satisfied in the coming months.

Expert review

This laptop was excellent in regards to value in performance. Although not as an effective as high value cars, the works very well compared to likewise priced cars.

The power of processors and also GPUs completed with a higher price and also were adequate for existing market games.

The unique architecture of the lid help to reduce the as whole dimensions, return the downside was the the USB, HDMI and other gadgets had to be sideways, i beg your pardon is challenging in part situations.

Focusing on the video game may overwhelm some aspects of the laptop for other general computer tasks.

The higher GPU compelled for gaming also way that battery life is poor compared to low-power equipments for basic tasks such together browsing, video playback, and other basic computing.

For this uses, a less an effective CPU and also GPU would be an acceptable service to expand battery life.

But overall, the ZX53VW is designed for low-end gaming. Fine done for what the is draft for. If having an ext power, a larger screen and longer battery life space good, this package is an excellent for what you get.

Every style is a series of compromises, and also overall us think Asus has made good choices in this design.


Sleek and also stylish architecture with the study bodyThe back-lit keyboard looks greatDedicated GPU map for better graphicsSolid performance in all the aspectsMatte HD+ display screen for efficient viewing angles


Laptop processor could have to be betterScreen top quality is fairly decent

Asus ZX53VW Specifications

Model NumberZX53VW-AH58
Dimensions (mm)210.00 x 255.00 x 383.00
Weight (kg)2.5
Operating systemWindows 10
Battery Cell4
Asus ZX53VW Specifications


Resolution1920×1080 pixels


ProcessorIntel core i5 sixth Gen 6300HQ




Graphics ProcessorNvidia GeForce GTX 960M
Dedicated Graphic memory TypeDDR4


Hard disk512GB


Wi-Fi criter supported802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth version4


Pointer DeviceTouchpad
Internal MicYes
SpeakersStereo Speakers
Optical decaying DriveDVD Writer
Finger publish SensorNo

Ports and slots

Multi card SlotSD card Reader
Headphone and Mic Combo JackYes
Asus ZX53VW Specifications


The Asus ZX53VW 15.6 is a an excellent value because that a paid gaming laptop. If you travel a lot however you are very interested in gaming, this laptop have the right to be her favorite companion.

A laptop with an excellent battery life, great support for HDD, terrific connectivity, and great graphics will help you enjoy the latest games, without any kind of problems indigenous the gameplay of tool to high settings.

Heating problems and frame drops space not the many important difficulties of this laptop that many other devices confront this price.

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Asus has also done a really an excellent job of building a well-balanced gaming laptop that is affordable.

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