Own the Roads is a most wanted side mission in Batman Arkham Knight. You have the right to start this mission when you progress through the key story and also reach thing 7. The score of this mission is come locate and destroy the militia checkpoints, in bespeak to clean the roads of patrolling soldiers and also support vehicles.

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Basic Information

Unlocked in ~ the begin of chapter 7 (out the 9).You have to locate and defeat the militia guarding the checkpoints.There space 4 Militia Checkpoints on Bleake Island, 8 on Miagani and also Founders’ Island each.

2. Next to the factory garden is the ascending road. Usage this position to take down opponents inside the checkpoint and also eventually jump right into their compound with the Batmobile.
3. Over there is a tiny ramp ~ above a road, alongside the Hospital, the you have the right to use to jump into the militia compound through the Batmobile.
6. The checkpoint is situated just above a roadway tunnel. Over there is a short part of the street the leads to this area. This is wherein you deserve to drive the Batmobile and shoot them all down.
8. Unlike countless other militia checkpoints, this one is situated just over the roadway tunnel. Soldiers patrol in a vast area.

Founders’ Island Militia Checkpoints

1.Eastern Founders’7 Soldiers, 1 Brute.
2.Northern Founders’4 Soldiers, 3 Specialists.
3.Northern Founders’9 Soldiers, 1 Sentry Cannon.
4.Eastern Founder’s7 Soldiers, 5 Sentry Turrets.
5.Western Founder’s, within a park v a cool statue.6 Sentry Cannons, 7 Soldiers.
6.SE main Founders’5 armed Soldiers.
7.SE Founders’9 Soldiers, 1 Brute.
8.SE Founders’6 Soldiers.

1. If you run on the checkpoint fence you can quickly take numerous of them v the are afraid Multi-Takedown.

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3. You deserve to open the door to the link by hacking the pad, or you can disable the cannon and fear multi-takedown the guards native the floor vents.