Does anyone know a really quick way to obtain mutations vanilla ark? i play ~ above xbox one so i can't usage mods favor S+ to rate up the process, so just how do i get them quickly and also efficiently?


Random gained a pteranodon shade mutation fifth generation and then acquired a raptor stat mutation an initial time breeding.

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Depends ~ above if you room trying to get color mutations or stat mutations.

For color mutations the best means to "spot" them is come use two dinos that look exactly the same, do 1000 babies, breed them and kill every the ones that don't have color mutations. Repeat until you have what you want.

If you are looking for stat mutations this is walk to be .... Well an ext special. Firstly i suggest gaining all the stats you desire in the dino as high as possible without mutations (meaning girlfriend breed every the good stats right into 1 dino via numerous generations that breeding; Also try to not use dinos v mutations because that this, as you want your inital best stat dino to have actually no mutations if possible). Currently when you controlled to get all stats you want (lets speak you want a rex through 55 point out in HP and 55 clues in Meele and had the rexes to incorporate this). Friend would finish up v a Rex that has the wanted stats. Currently in order to optimally breed for mutations i would suggest trying to get 2 identical Females with those stats, and 1 male through those stats. Therefore you finish up through 2 females with 55 in HP and also Meele and also 1 Male with 55 in HP and Meele. So any type of breeding in between those three would result in exactly the very same dino every solitary time. This renders it extra simple to avoid mutations.

You will now obtain 100 eggs of the wierd triangular relationship and breed castle out. As soon as all are hatched girlfriend will check for mutations in the stats you want (HP and also Meele). Assuming you are unlucky and only gain 1 allude mutations (I think approximately 3 suggest mutations are possible) in 1 of the stats girlfriend want, you will then usage 1 HP mutated dino and 1 Meele mutated dino to breed a dino that is both HP and also Meele mutated. For this reason you end up with a dino that has actually 2 extra levels essentially.

This 2 time mutated dino will certainly then be breed with 1 of the initial dinos us used prior to (the triangular relationship rexes) in bespeak to allow endless possibilities for much more mutations. You will breed them until you have another 2 dinos, 1 with a HP mutation and 1 v a Meele mutation. Each other the 2 together, breed v the original tirangular partnership rexes and also reapeat till your freshyl each other dino at one suggest hatches in ~ level 378, in ~ which allude you will desire to stop, as 378+71 = 449, specifically 1 level listed below the level cap, in ~ which dinos will obtain deleted indigenous officials.

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Now i am conscious that this an approach is an extremely time consuming, particularly as this doesn'T also take into factor to consider the lot of time girlfriend would should invest to also get a couple of rexes at max level in order to discover the stats girlfriend want. Anyways, the principle itself doesn't adjust at all. You can obviously do this with any stat for any type of dino. Ns think on officials this procedure would take numerous years till you would certainly reach a 378 Dino on hatch.