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Isaiah 60:1-2
Margaret Brown" />Margaret Brown‘Arise, shine, for her light has come, and the glory the the mr rises upon you.’

Earlier in the publication Isaiah has been telling his world of your sin, and because of your refusal come repent, he speak them additionally of the coming captivity at the hands of Babylon. However now he speak them the there will certainly come a day when their land is revived to them, and also Jerusalem is once again a irradiate to the nations.

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We know that truly over there is darkness covering the earth and also thick darkness over plenty of people and also nations. Sometimes there deserve to be darkness in our lives and also dare ns say, we might even uncover it in ours churches. The Lord pertains to dispel the darkness. We belong to God, that bought us v the price of His Son’s life, therefore we are priceless to Him and also eternally and deeply love by Him. His really Spirit stays within us. So His glory appears over us; His glory rises top top us.

The magnified Bible puts city 1 like this, ‘Arise (from the depression and also prostration in i beg your pardon circumstances have kept you: climb to a new life). Light – it is in radiant with the glory that the Lord; for your light is come, and also the glory that the mr is climbed upon you.’ I don’t know most of you really well and so i don’t know how things room with you. Maybe every little thing is an excellent for friend – that’s good. Worship the Lord! possibly some that you have deep pertains to or concerns in your stays that are keeping you down and you feel together if you space under a cloud that darkness. Come you the mr says, ‘Rise native the depression in which scenarios are keeping you……….Shine, it is in radiant through the glory that the Lord.’ offer your load to Him and let Him be your guide through the challenges you might be facing.

A few weeks earlier on a an extremely grey, dull day i looked out of mine kitchen door window and experienced a small flower – shining orange – which appeared to it is in glowing, and it certain lifted my soul in worship to God. The flower was a nasturtium and also it was cultivation in a tub, blooming against a dark brick wall, however it had actually risen out of the dark earth and was share its vivid colour through me, the glory that the lord in a flower.

I have a vivid storage of a rainbow which I experienced as rather a young child. Ns was life with good aunts in the countryside in a heat of around eight homes which looked out over the areas towards far-off hills in the background. Again, it to be a dark, dull day, however we quiet went a few doors along to a friend’s house for afternoon tea. Just as us were about to go home, the skies turned really dark, practically black and there was a heavy shower the rain. I was in ~ the former door waiting for mine aunts. The rain stopped and although the skies remained rather dark, together I looked out of the open door a beautiful rainbow showed up in the sky. The color shone – I have the right to still snapshot it in my mind – each colour to be well defined and shining brightly. I don’t think I’ve ever before seen another rainbow to complement that one; perhaps that was just my childhood mind, however the rainbow had occurred in the dark sky and was clear and it to be shining, the glory that the lord in a rainbow.

As a nurse ~ above night duty one summer, i loved come sit on the broad windowsill of the ward and watch the sunrise, if circumstances permitted it. I so delighted in watching the sun come up out of the darkness. Every is dark, then progressively there is a chink of pale light, and bit by bit, little by little, the light becomes much more and an ext intense, and also then the sun appears over the horizon and also rises gradually in the skies until the earth is filled with the glory the the full shining sun, the glory that the mr in the sunrise.

I think that is exactly how the lord desires us to be. Jesus refers to Himself together ‘the light of the world’ (John 8:12).And He likewise describes us, His followers, as the ‘light that the world’ (Matthew 5:14-16). The lord Jesus is conscious of our circumstances, He to know what renders us happy, He to know what makes us sad. He to know what is walk on in our resides right now. However He quiet asks that us ‘Arise and Shine’. We have His irradiate upon us and also in us to permit us to rise up and also shine and make united state radiant through His joy. Us reflect His light, His glory, and others will certainly be drawn to the Light. What is God longing to check out in our lives, what revolution is he seeking in ours lives, in our churches, in our communities, in our nations? space we willing and ready come commit oneself to every little thing He wants done in our lives? room we ready to arise and shine? To-day and always, too ~ sisters, re-superstructure the happiness with one another. To-day and always, rise up and also shine. Let your light it is in seen. Carry out not be afraid of the darkness. Jesus deserve to put the darkness out. ‘Arise, shine, for her light has actually come, and also the glory the the lord rises top top you’.

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insurance claim that every job of your lives, because that His honour and also His glory.

Margaret Brown - mutual at Özdere Conference, Turkey - 12-15th November 2015