An Adam and also Eve party reasons jealousy; a love hexagon forms; punches are thrown once the men try to do a feeling of things.

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Let me acquire this straight. John hits or shoves  hard sufficient that that is knocked under to the floor, and not only are there no effects from production, yet Caylen chooses John due to the fact that she didn"t like the OTHER guy"s behavior? Oh, okay. 

I would have liked to have seen if Emma would have actually chosen Prosper if she had actually gone first.

Morgan has never been an excellent looking to me, at all, not even a little. I would quite see Tori with a far better guy, however there space such exceptionally slim pickings in this group.

There are not enough words to explain how much I want Gio to it is in wrong about Julia being his match, just due to the fact that I can"t be affected by each other the believed of him gift any more smug, cocky, intense and repulsive than he currently is. 

This season is a real hot mess.

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Cinnamini11 321

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Gio seems favor he has actually some scary significant issues. I average I thought John was poor in the start but in comparison that looks prefer he just has a tiny temper issue. Gio seems favor "restraining order, relocate to a different state, adjust your name" kind of crazy.

I expect Tori and also Morgan room a match. Don"t really treatment at all about Morgan, I simply want Tori to it is in happy. 

The Prosper/Emma thing surprised me, but I choose it! I certainly had a little "aw" minute when she was ranting about John (again) and Prosper revealed the was into her and also her whole challenge just changed. You could see she had no idea. 

I had so tiny invested through Cam/Victoria. The dramatic discussion at the Adam and Eve party just seemed for this reason unnecessary, it made mine head turn trying to save track. But they were trashed so...

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Matchup Ceremony

I love how human being felt the have to step in between Gio and Stephen to avoid them native fighting. Favor damn, castle grown. They want to behave like that the only thing I"m doing is stepping the end of the selection of potential damage. Ns laughed so difficult when ns realized it was Prosper that in reality made Stephen fall over. 

Oh watch Tyler is a little bitch too. I know MTV requirements the drama, however can we cut back on the number of man-babies? there has acquired to be more interesting personalities. Ns was trying to warmth up to him, however something just seems off. Weirdo.