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New 100-Day Course beginning June 5 Shares ancient Secrets of understand Healer Dr. Pankaj Naram

His patients had the Dalai Lama, mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela

NEW YORK, June 4, 2021 / -- Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D., also known together Dr. Clint, is proud to announce the June 5 start date for his next 100-day training food in ancient Secrets. This will just be the 2nd and maybe last time the course is offered.

Dr. Clint says the an initial time the food was offered drew more than 250 students in 33 countries. This time, he observes, the course will be intensified to enable students to access the products each week in ~ a time convenient for them, with assistance from a brilliant teaching team.

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Clint Rogers

Clint Rogers

Dr. Clint says, "The introductory 14-week course has been designed because that aspiring practitioners, practicing doctors, and also those who just want to aid themselves and those lock love. It is for anyone v a burn desire to recognize the old healing secrets."

United Kingdom resident healer Theresa A. Kahn take it the first class. She says, "I feel completely nourished mentally, physically, and emotionally! I certainly have much an ext respect and understanding for herbs and also spices that most of us already possess in ours kitchen, and that I can now confidently usage as medicine. I have found this to it is in priceless. Expertise the combination of foodstuffs (i.e. Together medicine) has been a genuine eye-opener too. … i have absolutely implemented the 6 secrets of Deeper heal in my life, and work and also am thrilled to be able to share what I have learned v friends, family, colleagues, and clients."

Lisa Marion, a heal therapist in Canada, says "The team you produced has not only motivated deep revolution in me yet has to be filled with loving, providing participants who truly desire to make a difference. All the teachers have given and also shared in together a beautiful way to help all of us learn and also understand more deeply through care and their own personal touch. In a people filled v so lot fear and also pain, this is a welcomed and needed manifestation of helping to elevate divine consciousness through developing a group with vision and also purpose."

Even so, Dr. Clint claims the suffer isn"t a common training course. "It"s not simply about information — it"s around transformation. And sometimes the process of revolution can it is in challenging, and at other times thrilling. Anyone can learn it, girlfriend just need to come with a ready mind, an open heart, and a huge desire to be of business on this planet."

It"s not also late to sign up for the course. Click below to do so.

The course likewise marks the publishing anniversary that Dr. Clint"s book around Dr. Naram"s work, ancient Secrets of a master Healer: A west Skeptic, An east Master, and also Life"s greatest Secrets (Wisdom that the human being Press). The book is being translated into 30-plus languages, by volunteers throughout the world, through an audiobook to be exit soon.

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Dr. Clint invested a decade traveling the human being with the legend Indian grasp healer Dr. Pankaj Naram. Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D., is a university researcher whose TEDx talk on Dr. Naram has actually been viewed by millions. Dr. Clint designed and taught with Dr. Naram a college certification food in Berlin, Germany, because that doctors. Dr. Clint is the CEO the Wisdom that the world Wellness and a trustee that the ancient Secrets Foundation.