The company announced Thursday it will be supplying retro ticket prices of 15 cent per movie when more than 100 theatre reopen ~ above Aug. 20.

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Max Bennett, job Staff

The AMC classic Granite operation Mall 8 will reopen in at an early stage September. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

MEDIA, PA — AMC Theatres top top Thursday announced much more than 100 that its theaters will reopen by Aug. 20, and also another 300 theaters will reopen in between Aug. 27 and also Sept 3 after month of closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Together an added bonus, the movie theater chain stated guests will pay simply 15 cent per movie on the day.

Theaters set to reopen incorporate the AMC standard Granite operation Mall 8 in ~ 1067 W. Baltimore Pike in Media, i m sorry is set to open up Thursday, Sept. 3.

AMC said after the initial 100 reopenings, an additional 300 theaters will open up in the 2 weeks that follow through the significant movie releases of Disney"s "The new Mutants" top top Aug. 28 and Warner Bros." "Tenet" on Sept. 3.

AMC closed all of its theater in March and several reopening plans were scrapped between surges in coronavirus situations in the unified States.

AMC Theatres has actually 29 areas in Pennsylvania.

"We are thrilled to when again open our doors to American moviegoers that are searching for an possibility to gain out of your houses and apartments and escape right into the magic that the movies," stated Adam Aron, CEO and president of AMC Theatres, in a statement.

After initially stating in June guests would certainly not be required to undertake masks when theaters reopened, AMC Theatres reversed the policy complying with online backlash. All guests will be forced to stay masks at all times through the exemption being when eating and also drinking.

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The company also announced a number of other health and also safety policies that will be in ar in response to coronavirus guidelines consisting of fewer touch points, streamlined menus for much shorter lines at concessions and reduced auditorium capacities for social distancing. A complete list of new policies deserve to be uncovered here.

AMC Theatres claimed 15 cent ticket prices (plus sales tax) will only be easily accessible on Aug. 20 to celebrate the company"s 100-year anniversary through "Movies in 2020 in ~ 1920 Prices." While available on all accessible seats, to attain social distancing, seating capacity will certainly be substantially reduced, according to the company.

AMC Theatres will also begin rolling out a $5 ticket promotion in the comes weeks and also months the bring-back title such as a 10th anniversary of "Inception" event, "Black Panther," "Back come the Future," "Ghostbusters," "Grease," and also "Star Wars: illustration V - The empire Strikes Back." there will additionally be a variety of food and beverage deals available.

AMC has 1,000 locations across the globe, with an ext than 11,000 screens, according to its website.