In this interview, we gained to speak to Amber increased Revah, that plays Dinah Madani in ‘The Punisher’. We talk about both periods of ‘The Punisher’ and what the future holds because that Dinah Madani.

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INTERVIEWER: To begin the Interview, how did you first begin your acting career?

AMBER climbed REVAH: My family members are indigenous Poland originally and also when mine grandmother come over here, she would take me come a theatre, yet where she thrived up, that was during the war, lock weren’t permitted to exercise so countless arts so once she came below she would go come the theatre and when ns was born, i would additionally go through her. That started my love for theatre and also from a really young period I decided that’s what I wanted to do. Then i studied modern performance in ~ university, which used elements of dance theatre, physics theatre, Russian theatre and then I acquired an certified dealer whilst at that university and started pursuing the path. I actually gained the film Agora whilst at university however they endangered to throw me out of university so I had a dilemma but I made decision this is what I want to do, therefore I stated to them the I’m walking to do this film and they claimed ok.

INTERVIEWER: when did you begin to acquire roles such as The Punisher?

AMBER rose REVAH: From when I left university, i was already getting smaller functions in bigger movies such as From Paris through Love which had actually John Travolta in it. I played a semi part in that which opened me increase to an ext international projects, Agora i m sorry is a Spanish film from a Spanish director but it was a elevation film, no British work. So i think indigenous a young period I to be doing an ext international work, reduced to 10-12 year later, I have actually an American Manager, I’m already auditioning for American and international roles and then The Punisher come along. I worked on a HBO BBC show with the showrunner of The Punisher so he knew me, i knew him and then i auditioned and it went on indigenous there, they climate flew me out to LA because that the display screen test and I got the job.

INTERVIEWER: Did you do any research right into the mythos of The Punisher before beginning manufacturing on the very first season?

AMBER climbed REVAH: fine it’s challenging to really understand what they space going to execute with the characters and also the show. I think a the majority of the time v the actors, you can be retained in the dark, i did what I can though and I understand being preserved in the dark due to a many confidential about Marvel and also Netflix, it is really anticipated and also you don’t want to offer it away to one audience too much. The way it works is a require to understand basis, so ns didn’t hugely know much walking in however I had faith in our showrunner, ns had operated with that before, ns love his work and also it ended up exceeding my expectations, now I have a character which I functioned with the writers on. Now it’s nice once they have concepts we have the right to collaborate and also integrate my interpretation on the character.

INTERVIEWER: Additionally, due to the fact that The Punisher is a iconic comic book property, were you conscious of the property and also the Marvel world itself before joining this project.

AMBER climbed REVAH: my younger sisters is a huge Marvel fan so many of mine knowledge comes from her, she 10 years younger 보다 me and also she goes come every Comic-Con, she’s in love the the Marvel shows. Ns didn’t have actually too much of a understanding on Marvel and also I didn’t have actually friends the were interested in the either yet then once you start the study looking right into the comics and also the atmosphere of Marvel, it yes, really did ignite a interest in it, specifically how all of the pan speak about particular characters and how passionate lock are around them, ns really love that. Ns still ~ above a discovering curve through it yet it’s great I recognize the world much more than ns did before.


INTERVIEWER: Definitely, so are there any type of favourite moment of her on filming the very first season that The Punisher?

AMBER climbed REVAH: A most the stunts ns loved due to the fact that I’m sporty and I train in a most stuff ns really appreciated the stunt work and also physical work, likewise my stunt team space quite open to me law my very own stunts also, we had actually the auto chase in Season 1, anyone who has actually seen the display knows what happens in that scene. In illustration 8, there was a shootout and also that was really fun to execute with mine stunt team and also learning how to usage the guns and also how to look choose an agent so the was brilliant. A lot of the emotionally scenes were an excellent to execute too, it’s an excellent to have actually a female character who deserve to do both the action and emotional scenes, she deserve to be hurt and also moved, an especially with Billy Russo and her relationship with him. However yea, there to be so plenty of wonderful moment in the an initial season, I could probably pick one native every episode however those are the ones the stand out.

INTERVIEWER: relocating onto the second season of The Punisher i m sorry production recently wrapped on, is over there anything you have the right to share about the upcoming 2nd season?

AMBER increased REVAH: i think the fans, from what I experienced from the feedback indigenous Season 1 really loved the action sequences from every the personalities and an especially Jon Bernthal has some gruesome yet beautifully choreographed activity sequences, we carried those into Season 2 however making certain not to make them the same and also giving the audience something brand-new and different. Us have activity this season however it’s different from the previous season, ns don’t desire to giveaway too lot How and also why that is, however there are some actual shockers the come in Season 2, more than likely when you room not expecting that so it’ll be fun to check out the audiences solution to that.

INTERVIEWER: alongside that, what deserve to we expect from your character in the 2nd season that The Punisher, will your interactions in between Billy and also Frank change in this season?

AMBER rose REVAH: Yea ns mean, v Frank, she was on a parallel story with him and also they nothing crossover much and also there wasn’t lot interaction between Dinah and also Frank in the first season, however they space quite comparable people also if they don’t want to admit it. In Season 2, we see them cross paths much more and not necessarily functioning together however you check out intertwining a entirety lot more. In regards to her connection with Billy, we discover her in ~ the begin of the season and a many the other personalities have relocated on yet Dinah hasn’t, the way Billy pains her, she’s deadset stuck on revenge and justice yet she’s not as adamant ~ above right and wrong, it’s an ext mixed in she mind at the start of the second season.

INTERVIEWER: Also, v the other Marvel Netflix shows such together Daredevil and Jessica Jones, hypothetically would you choose to Crossover v these various shows or would you fairly keep The Punisher as it’s very own separate show?

AMBER rose REVAH: that’s a exciting question, well i think as soon as I clock Jessica Jones and Daredevil, ns really reap the Crossover moments and it makes you feel prefer there’s this whole world out there. I think with me and The Punisher, I might imagine myself coming right into Daredevil certainly and also it would certainly be pretty if it happened however yea ns can definitely see her crossing over v Daredevil hypothetically, maybe also Jessica Jones however now we no longer have Defenders, Luke Cage or stole Fist so for me, Daredevil seems appropriate.

INTERVIEWER: certainly I agree, i think the tones are similar other 보다 The Punisher is much more brutal.

AMBER increased REVAH: i think they are type of ~ above par in regards to being dark shows so it i will not ~ be a large tonal transition if i jumped on a present like daredevil whereas if i jumped on stole Fist, everyone would certainly be choose what the crap is going on.

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INTERVIEWER: To finish the interview, space there any upcoming projects of yours the you’d choose to encourage to make our audience mindful of?

AMBER rose REVAH: Currently, ns writing and also developing several of our own projects, not anything however to speak around but in the future.