Theresa DeFairia, or more commonly known simply as Ms. Theresa, is getting a brand-new home after ~ receiving donations and community assistance that paid because that construction, which broke ground this week.

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Theresa DeFairia, or much more commonly recognized as Ms. Theresa, is one action closer to acquiring a brand-new home. Construction crews have completed considerable demo work, changed trusses, shored up the foundation and began framing the walls on she 1940s home.

News 6 shared her story critical year after ~ the City of Orlando was set to condemn she property.

After the story aired, Defaria obtained donations and also community assistance that paid for construction, which broke ground in March.

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The trip to rebuild DeFairia’s home on Pershing ar started through Orange Avenue building saying the they’re happy to perform the work, yet it will be done in phases to keep expenses low.

DeFaira is getting a fresh start. She claimed she is blessed.

“All I deserve to say is hallelujah, say thanks to you Jesus, because God saved the best for last and also they came understanding what they were doing therefore breaking the ground, honey simply made me happy,” DeFairia said.

She will be the end of her house until building and construction is done, but Orange Avenue building owner Anthony Roy said it’ll be precious the wait.

When Theresa DeFairia moved right into her Orlando house 31 years ago, it to be the community that sealed the deal.
“Theresa has actually been living below for i don’t know how numerous years, yet to have the ability to put her earlier in this house at the finish that’s going to it is in a good feeling. I’m looking front to it,” Roy said.

Roy claimed the task is in his wheelhouse. Come keep costs low, the is approaching this in phases.

“We’re make the efforts to do lemonade the end of lemons ideal now,” Roy said. “It’s a an overwhelming job. We’re trying to work-related with what’s here.”

Estimated prices to totally rebuild are approximately $100,000, follow to Roy.

It’s all be handled by the real estate department v the city of Orlando and also paired with countless donations, it’s left DeFairia thankful for the support.

Theresa DeFairia, or much more commonly known as Ms. Theresa, is one step closer to getting a brand-new home. Construction crews have actually completed considerable demo work, changed trusses, shored up the structure and started framing the walls on she 1940s home.
“As lengthy as you acquired that village behind you and also God is v that village, you ain’t got to worry around nothing, castle going to shot you and try you but as lengthy as girlfriend stay strong with God that village is going come work,” she said.

Due come the task being excellent in phases, home builders said there is no set time for the job to be completed. Roy said there are enough funds to acquire the house sealed up and under a dry roof. He thinks that should occur in the next couple of weeks. Much more money will certainly be needed prior to Ms. Theresa can move back in however once it’s done DeFairia will basically have a brand-new home.

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A GoFundMe page has actually been produced to assist cover some of the costs.

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