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Genre: Drama, RomanceStarring: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Louise Lombard, Dylan SprouseDirector: roger Kumble add Favorite

Storyline: After we Collided (2020) based upon the 2014 romantic novel of the very same name, this complies with the love life of two young adults.

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James link - The living Daylights (1987) 007 James shortcut is living on the leaf to prevent an angry arms dealer from beginning another civilization war. Bond crosses all seven continents in stimulate to prevent the angry Whitaker and also General Koskov.


When a private eye take away a situation to uncover a absent university student, the must discover the deep dark depth of his own mind to i found it the truth approximately his own childhood loss as that tracks down the absent girl.


Nightwatching (2007) The year 1642 marks the turning point in the life the the well known Dutch painter, Rembrandt, transforming him native a rich respected celebrity into a discredited pauper. In ~ the insistence the his pregnant mam Saskia, Rembrandt has actually relu


Shanghaied (1915) A shipowner intends to scuttle his delivery on its last trip to obtain the insurance allowance money. Charlie, a tramp in love through the owner's daughter, is ordered by the captain and also promises to aid him shanghai some seamen. The daughter stows a

Daughter of the Nile (1987) The eldest daughter of a broken and also troubled household works to save the family members together and look after her younger siblings, who room slipping right into a life of crime.

Five (1951) Five people are miraculously spared as soon as the fall-out from a super-atomic bomb ultimately kills all of the remainder of mankind on earth. They room Roseanne Rogers, a pregnant mrs who was in an X-ray room; Michael, a sensitive young poet and

Hyôryu kyôshitsu (1987) An worldwide school in Kobe, Japan is catapulted into the future after ~ a time-slip occurs.

Scoumoune (1972) Episodic portrait of a criminal, indigenous 1934 until after the war. Roberto Borgo is tough, cool, sardonic, loyal, and deadly. He comes to Marseilles to help his friend Xavier Saratov get out that jail, first killing a neighborhood brothel and ca

Love Me (2014) Love Me is a character-drive rigid that follows desperate guys on their pursuit for love through the modern 'mail-order bride' sector in Ukraine. The movie highlights the complete procedure of recognize a companion in a international land, showi

Englands Reformation: Three books That adjusted a country (2017) that is 500 years because the Reformation, once England broke away native the government of the Catholic Church. This is the story of three books at the heart of the schism. Presented by Dr Jani

Hello, Dolly! (1969) A matchmaker called Dolly Levi bring away a pilgrimage to Yonkers, new York to see the "well-known unmarried half-a-millionaire," Horace Vandergelder. When there, she convinces him, his 2 stock clerks and also his niece and her beau to go to N

The Wishmakers (2011) 3 young gay guys arrive in Los Angeles to satisfy their dreams and also aspirations, during a summer i beg your pardon will adjust their lives. In a people of You tube celebrities, unemployment, downward mobility, and also socializing through Faceb

The black Pimpernel (2007) The story around Swedish ambassador in Chile - Harald Edelstam - and also his heroic plot to defend the innocent world from the execution during and also after the armed forces coup ~ above September 11th 1973. Us travel through Edelstam dur

Narrow Margin (1990) A woman covertly witnesses the killing of she blind day for the evening by a height Mafia boss. She instantly goes into hiding without informing the authorities. When they finally record up v her, she is unwilling to testify to

Catching hearts (2012) What happens as soon as a bestselling atheist author Professor mark Gavin loses his belief in atheism? This intense drama asks tough questions and explores why there is no such thing as coincidence.

Requiem because that a Vampire (1971) two girls ~ above the run gain lost in the French countryside, and also wind increase in a haunted chateau occupied by an noble vampire and also his servants.

A black comedy/drama about a lonely ice-cream valve driver, Warren Thompson, and also his unhealthy obsession with tv soap starlet, Katey George.

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Hope lost (2015)

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