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Hi there i was hoping someone could help me with an issue. I"m utilizing doyourpartparks.org 16.1 Jarvis on my home windows laptop. Every little thing is set to default in ~ the moment however on my main display screen these words pop up. "Add-on is incompatible as result of unmet dependencies. Would you choose to disable that on your system?"The top says global Artist Scraper. I have actually clicked top top Yes come disable the on mine system and also it closes. Then pops up Unviersal Album scraper then i click yes however again. Thinking this was just a common error the very same thing starts to pop up and also won"t stop. Please deserve to anyone help me through this together it"s doing my head in.I"ve currently tried to uninstall doyourpartparks.org completely and download it again yet to no affect.Anyone who has actually a solution for this would be amazing.Thanks


Little little odd issue, my presumption is the you downloaded the global scraper at one point? If friend can uncover the add-on in the disabled add-on list or the solution add-on list, uninstall it or delete it. If the doesn"t work-related search because that "metadata.artists.universal" in your C:UsersCrazydave1988AppDataRoamingdoyourpartparks.orgaddons and also manually delete, I doubt that either another add-on has actually stomped ~ above one or an ext shared role files, or in which method you have a corruption. If the over doesn"t carry functionality ago without this device request, we"ll have to dig deeper through a appropriate debug log posted come a windy paste-bin and also linked earlier to this thread.Eventually you"ll have the ability to load back the global artist scraper, yet until you clear the concern stick with another scraper.
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PatK Hey there. Ns tried to install blend on that to check out if there was any type of problems with various other addons or simply the universal one. Turns out the it says every include on has unmet dependencies. Uninstalled doyourpartparks.org simply now and also will reinstall again
PatK great news I"ve acquired it earlier working again. Simply randomly happened. I uninstalled doyourpartparks.org completely and placed it back on and there"s no difficulties with it now. Really strange but so happy it"s sorted out.Thanks because that replying through the way
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fusion prohibition here, you have actually presumably removed it once reinstalling. Yet don"t use it and also certainly don"t cite it. Thanks.

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This taken place to me 3 or 4 time now, and also deleting your complete userdata conf file is a bit excessive. Anyway in latest circumstances i had actually i found that the root reason was database corruption. Think in my instance it was brought about by a tough shutdown when i was in rushI"m el capitan by the wayCommand line fix, i"ve put in env variables so simply run what you see#change directorycd /Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/doyourpartparks.org/userdata/Database/sqlite3 Addons20.dbTry and also view the tablesin my instance i obtained an error...BINGOsqlite> .schema tablesError: database disk image is malformedrm Addons20.dbUnfortunately you"ll still have to reinstall her addons yet it"s much better than everything, if it keeps happening set an automator manuscript to back up the db

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