Close to every Traffic: between Exit 216 (six miles east of Pendleton) and also Exit 265 in La Grande - see Map

Closed to Commercial trucks Only: between Exit 374 in Ontario and Exit 216 close to Pendleton

Why: Crash and/or severe weather problems west of exit 265. Van closure at exit 374 as result of no an ext room because that trucks in Baker City or La Grande.

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What: Get crucial Facts concerning this closure


commercial trucks have to depart westbound freeway at leave 374 or front exit. Over there is no room for trucks come park in Baker City or La Grande. Passenger Vehicles may proceed on freeway section in between Exit 374 and also Exit 265 when problems warrant. This accessibility may be stopped at any type of time.


open to Passenger Vehicles only
van Closure allude - exit 374

This map is because that identifying passenger vehicle accessibility information only for the WESTBOUND Freeway in between Exit 374 and also Exit 216. That does not show current highway closures or incidences. Return to for present status of every highway sections.

Key Facts

Interstate 84 WESTBOUND is closed in between Exit 216 (six miles east of Pendleton) and also La Grande leave 265. This webpage is particularly for WESTBOUND travel. (For condition of EASTBOUND freeway or various other highway part in the area inspect the house page because that road/weather alerts.
The freeway is closed due to a crash that is prevent both WESTBOUND take trip lanes and/or a weather event that is do travel exceptionally hazardous (slick roads, heavy fog, smoke, etc.) somewhere in between La Grande and also Pendleton. The alarm may identify information about reason for closure and/or location of crash. Closures as result of weather events are placed in ar to assist protect the safety of travelers. The freeway will be open as soon as it is deemed safe for travel.
The Westbound freeway between Ontario at leave 374 and also La Grande at exit 265 is open to passenger vehicles just (no advertising trucks). NOTE: Travelers in passenger vehicles room advised to verify motel accommodations prior to travel if planning to find lodging in La Grande. During extended closures lodging may be booked full.

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The WESTBOUND freeway is closeup of the door at leave 265 in La Grande to every traffic as result of crash or extreme weather conditions in between La Grande and Pendleton. Since the Westbound freeway closure has continued for several hrs (extended closure) truck website traffic stranded in La Grande and Baker City have filled the truck stop and nearby highway shoulders. Due to restricted truck parking space there is no more room for trucks to safely park in these communities. The Westbound freeway between Ontario and La Grande will stay closed to commercial trucks till the freeway is open between La Grande and also Pendleton and backed up traffic has cleared out of La Grande and Baker City.