A woman that police say was driving the wrong way was seriously hurt in a crash Tuesday night top top Hutchinson river Parkway in Westchester County. The accident arisen at roughly 10:45 p.m. Near leave 20, simply South of Weaver way in Scarsdale.

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According come information noted by law enforcement, the 42-year-old Pelham woman was control a 2015 Honda Accord northbound in the southbound lanes when her car hit another vehicle traveling southbound. Police say it is unclear in ~ what point the mrs drove her vehicle onto the Parkway.

Two other vehicles were connected in the crash yet police were not sure if the woman had also hit lock or if they hit her car as lock slammed your brakes in an attempt to stop their vehicles indigenous hitting her.

In all, four world were moved to area hospitals, two of castle with severe injuries. The driver that the Honda was among those who was seriously injured in the crash. She was required to Jacobi Medical facility in the Bronx wherein she to be treated because that a significant head injury.

Police have actually charged her through first-degree reckless endangerment, driving when intoxicated, and also reckless driving. The reckless endangerment fee is a felony, when the other two charges room misdemeanors.

The mrs was arraigned in Eastchester town Court, where her bail was set at $5,000. The mrs is right now being organized at the Westchester ar jail on that bail amount. She is scheduled to show up at brand-new Rochelle City Court next week.

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The crash caused the southbound lanes in between Mill Road and Weaver Street to continue to be closed until 6 a.m. The next morning.

When asked around the crash, personal injury attorney Neal Goldstein said, “The victims in this crash are lucky to be alive provided the circumstances that police have listed about the accident. Although criminal charges have been filed versus the driver, victim should contact a an individual injury attorney to comment on what type of civil action can it is in taken against the driver for compensation for the injuries they sustained.”