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We were pretty interested in the brand-new Abu Garcia heat of Revo spinning reels once they to be announced just prior to ICAST in 2015. Us were fortunate sufficient to acquire some critical fall and have to be able come spend several months fishing the brand-new Abu Garcia Revo STX turn reel because that largemouth, spotted bass and also smallmouth base on several different fisheries in several various states. 

Why girlfriend will choose them

The Revo line is the best series of turn reels Abu Garcia has ever produced. What yes, really stood out was your smoothness transparent the cast, retrieve and drag on a fight. It’s apparent they researched the things that afflict cheaper rotate reels and also worked come answer each difficulty with new technology. A new frame, a new drag system, a new gear case, lighter and stronger products all make these reels several of the best in the market now.

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am Gearing, IM-C6 body Design, Carbon procession Drag, Rocket line Management, C6 Carbon Body and also Rotor ~ above the Revo STX reel

These reels boast many features that create such exceptional performance. Their brand-new AMGearing mechanism starts with computer system precision gears the mesh together an ext fluidly and also solidly so there is no slop or beat in the retrieve. The IM-C6 Body style gives lock an aluminum frame for the carbon gearing system and carbon body and side plates. Therefore you gain a really rigid reel, the is an extremely light and also the tolerances room perfect and also snug so the it performs very smoothly. 

They have a Rocket Line administration system that renders it no only simpler to spool a rotate reel evenly but makes casting and also line management better with stiffer lines choose fluorocarbon.

(Photo: doyourpartparks.org) my experiences v the Revo STX turn Reels

I’ve fished through both the Revo MGX and Revo STX spinning reels because July 2015. I’ve recorded spotted base on Table Rock, smallmouth and also largemouth base on Kentucky Lake, all 3 kinds of bass in Alabama. These reels are very good. The Revo STX is not just a light reel at simply a tad bit much more than 6 ounces yet they likewise sport a 6.2:1 gear ratio i beg your pardon is pretty quick for a rotate reel. 

I don’t usage a spinning reel as much as I execute a bait caster, but a lot of that has been due to the fact that spinning reels have been slow and clunky because that decades. These brand-new class of turn reels in the last couple of years have really placed spinning handle on par v baitcasting tackle.

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The best part of the these brand-new spinning reels is the traction in mine opinion. They developed a brand-new Carbon procession drag system that takes a lot less pressure come start. The an essential with spinning handle is you regularly fish lighter lines. Your traction is critical. If over there is a catch or that takes too much inertia to begin the drag, you frequently can lose a fish to broken lines or bend hooks. 

The drag on the Revo STX is soft smooth and starts easily. Perfect for light line applications.

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The STX is the 2nd reel in the brand-new 6-reel Revo spinning heat of reels from Abu Garcia. The STX prices at $199. You deserve to order the brand-new Revo STX at tacklewarehouse.com and at abugarcia.com.