Did you take the totally free AAMC Sample Test? usage this calculator to enter your exactly answers and also see how your results transform to a scaled simulated MCAT score and what percentile you location into.

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If you are already a doyourpartparks.org student, her MCAT guardian will testimonial your Sample test Score to know where you require the many help. Be sure to take this free Sample Test together a diagnostic front to beginning tutoring to permit you and your tutor to struggle the soil running during your very first session!


Students who carry out well ~ above the MCAT typically spend in between 200-300 hours preparing if they walk it alone. As countless as 50% of students take it the MCAT a 2nd or third time due to inadequate preparation or the desire to rise their score.

Because every student’s studying actions are different, a expert MCAT tutor deserve to increase your possibility of success. The tutors in ~ doyourpartparks.org ranked in the 99th percentile ~ above their very own MCATs, and also they every scored between 130-132 ~ above the sections of the test they tutor.

Students who use doyourpartparks.org spend about 40+ hrs studying with a personal tutor, and raise their MCAT score through an average of 12 points. 

Our medical School opportunity Predictor helps clinical school applicants recognize their very own chances and the range of institutions they must consider using to.

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