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Say it isn’t so! it’s time doyourpartparks.orge bid farewell doyourpartparks.orge Inverness once and also for all v the last-ever episode of A place to contact Home airing this Sunday October 21 (don’t worry, if you require to capture up – every season is easily accessible On Demand).

But what a sign-off season it’s to be – there have actually been part truly large surprises and also shocks along the way. Right here are several of the best moments and storylines we’ve witnessed so far.

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WARNING: consists of SPOILERS for SEASON 6 of A ar TO speak to HOME

The first episode: A wedding and also some sadnessThe season began with bang through the minute we’ve been wait for this whole time! George (Brett Climo) and also Sarah (Marta Dusseldorp) to be wed, and held a unique celebration to declare your devotion to each various other in prior of your nearest and dearest at Ash Park, together with their boy David (Elliot Domoney). However, just when us were dry our eyes after crying v happiness, points took a destructive turn. Dawn (Clodagh Crowe) went into labour early, and also despite Jack (Craig Hall) and Henry’s (Tim Draxl) valiant efforts, she and the infant both died during labour. It was heart-wrenching, particularly seeing her husband Roy (Frankie J Holden) go with such grief.

Matthew reflects his true coloursLike Olivia (Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood), wednesday been brushed up off our feet by Matthew (Conrad Coleby) the dashing long-lost son of Douglas Goddard (Robert Coleby) who arrived in city last season. However, once the issue of Olivia’s boy Georgie Bligh’s (Xavier Druery) true parentage doyourpartparks.orge up, Matthew’s reaction doyourpartparks.orge what Olivia did countless years prior to showed him to be a true bully, and we didn’t choose what us saw. Also: nobody tells off Elizabeth (Noni Hazlehurst) and also gets away with it on our watch!

Henry and also Harry’s romancePoor Henry no only had actually to address the go back to town that the man he loved who abandoned him, James Bligh (David Berry), and the results of Dawn’s death, but a nasty automobile accident thanks to a drunken Stan O’Rourke (Jack Ellis) left him unable to ever operate again. He remained in a an extremely low place, breaking down emotionally together he attempted to drive the end of town, yet luckily the plucky take care of (Dominic Allburn) to be there to market a shoulder to cry on. Your burgeoning romance had us swooning.

Stan shoots in ~ SarahAfter his mam Sheila (Nell Nakkan) lastly had enough and left town, Stan was not a happy camper in ~ all, and he conserved his most vitriolic anger for Sarah, whom he organized responsible for providing his wife the to trust to obtain away indigenous him. It all involved a climax in episode six as soon as he top to the women’s clinic and fires a gun at Sarah, and it to be only due to the fact that he had actually a stroke at that very moment the he missed. And while buy it survived, it sent her right into a crushing spiral of doubt and also depression.

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Anna provides birth… in one orchard!Anna (Abby Earl) has been a truly independent woman this season – embracing her pregnancy and the prospect of gift a solitary mother and also refusing to marry Henry just for the sake of respectability – even if the meant absent out on a Hollywood deal for her books. However, occasionally her strong will has had unseen consequences. Because that example, her determination to have actually her baby at Inverness observed her giving birth in one orchard top top the street! Hello, tiny Elaine Elizabeth Bligh!

Carolyn’s kissCarolyn (Sara Wiseman) has actually been ~ above a real journey this season – and her desire to leave Inverness for the vivid life in the city not only took she away from she husband Jack, however put her straight in the route of her previous lover Delia (Maya Stange). She and also Jack appeared to be getting an ext and more estranged, and also this wasn’t helped by a steal kiss between the 2 women at a party – particularly with Jack witnessing it! will their relationship survive?

Elizabeth’s new purposeWith Sarah now in fee of Ash Park, Elizabeth has gone to a loosened end this season. Desperately missing her dearly departed husband Douglas, having actually fallen out v his child Matthew, and having to face up to some truths about the Bligh family, she’s had actually her foundations well and also truly rocked. However, she’s doyourpartparks.orge through with a certain resolution – to turn the Goddard mansion she inherited from Douglas into a maternity hospital to treatment for ladies in need.

So, exactly how will it every conclude?We’re no giving any spoilers – that would destroy everything! just make certain you song in ~ above Sunday October 21 to see how, after six incredible seasons, this beloved, award-winning Australian drama pertains to a close. V the show’s creator Bevan Lee constantly putting the personalities first, we simply know the it will certainly be naught if not an emotional, yet satisfying, conclusion. We’re tearing up already…