ABS-CBN’s “A Love to Last” airs the final episode top top Friday, Sept. 22. This is a live blog that the family drama’s last episode.

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The finale opens to Andeng (Bea Alonzo), approving Anton’s (Ian Veneracion) inquiry for at some point with him, because that closure. The entire scene screams awkward. Anton tries tough to you re welcome Andeng, yet she’s putting on a tough exterior.

It starts to rain. Because that a quick rainy moment, Anton it s okay nostalgic end the very first time he experienced Andeng. It to be raining, then. Andeng is right moved. He later on realizes that she’s not wearing their wedding ring. Anton asks Andeng if she still loves him. She ultimately says something like, “Of course, i love you, friend idiot.” however in a an ext poignant way. The doesn’t seem that she would waver in her settle to finish their marriage. The begs she to stay, yet she says she simply couldn’t pardon him. Castle fight. They kiss. Anton wants a “proper goodbye.” So regardless of having in she mind the storage of grace (Iza Calzado) kissing Anton, Andeng agrees. They gain in bed.

They start talking about what’s following for them. Anton has actually resigned from Celba. Andeng is going to occupational in the US. Anton is going to Disneyland through the kids. Castle agree come tell the children together that their separation is because that good. Anton says he won’t love anyone else. Andeng responds, she wishes he’d be happy. (No, she didn’t say, “Me too.”)

Mommy baby (Irma Adlawan) welcomes Andeng backs home. She start crying, informing her mommy that she loves Anton. Every guy she’s loved has actually hurt him, she says. However it seems she really has shortcomings, she adds. Mommy infant then asks she to stop checking the balance in between giving and soaking up loving. Avoid doing the Math. Prevent calculating just how much you’ve given and how much you should get in return. (To everyone that got affected by this, ‘hope you had actually some Kleenex ready.)

At school, Chloe (Julia Barretto) decides she have to break up with Tupe (Ronnie Alonte), set him cost-free from any type of boyfriend obligations. She states she loves the too lot to store his focus off his dreams.

At the Noble house, Anton and also siblings occupational together to convince Kitty (Hannah Vito) to fly to Disneyland without she Mama Andrea. Anton describes Andeng really won’t have the ability to join them. Seeing her family’s trying tough to gain her in travel mood, Kitty obliges.

Meanwhile, Andeng runs into her former fiancé, Jerold (Victor Silayan). They acquire into a casual recording up. Then Andeng brings up the past with a basic question. To be it difficult to love her? Jerold claims it was simple to feel inadequate with her. Since she loves in a large way, and not everyone could match that. He claims he loved she the way he knew how. Just like that, Andeng it s okay a feeling of enlightenment. (Mameng and Mommy Baby, give this male a stand ovation, please.) She then turns to she family, telling everyone she’s going come Disneyland. Anyone cheers.

Anton and kids plank a private plane to Disneyland. Once seated, Anton brings the end Andeng’s iconic red scarf. Kitty can not think it as soon as she saw her Mama Andrea do the efforts to prevent their plane. Dumbstruck, Anton gets turn off the plane. A lengthy, loving monologue from Andeng follows. Storage of their romantic banter operation on. “Are friend done?” Anton asks. For a moment, Andeng think she’s lost him. Anton climate brings the end the red scarf. And also then, all is well.

After the break, viewers space taken to a mini time jump. Everyone’s in ~ Mameng’s home in Batangas. Climate Tupe arrives, informing Chloe he obtained her dad’s permission come be through her again — after she graduates. Anton looks on through approval. They later talk about summer — Kitty, Chloe and also Lucas (JK Labajo) will certainly be in the us to be through their mom. Kitty is hopeful that Andeng and also Anton might join one summer in the future. Anton quickly tries to tell her the it might not happen, but Andeng butts in come make sure Kitty knows it is not entirely impossible.

Soon after, Andeng takes Anton to their unique spot, wherein they would raise their tiny Antons and small Andengs. She mirrors him a pregnant test stick v two lines. Anton is overjoyed. And also they live happily ever before after, at the very least in the understanding of Tondeng fans.

Here’s a small part of Andeng’s Will-you-take-back-your-wife spiel:

You’re mine soulmate! ❤️ #ALoveYoLast #ALTLLifetime pic.twitter.com/osGsT9CdYP

StarCreativesTV) September 22, 2017

Tondeng fans have the right to now let go of ALTL discovering that Andeng has learned the love is not around having expectations, or making sure that every little thing is all right. Since relationships room messy. Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. Together Mommy infant said, genuine love is about giving without functioning on a balance sheet. Huwag kang magbilang.

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together for Anton, he it s okay to keep his family, and they also get come welcome a brand-new baby. Their lifetime has just begun.