I obtain a warning "There room some data ~ the end of the payload data" as soon as extracting an archive. What go this mean? Is the record corrupted?


It shows up this is a reoccurring problem w/ 7zip. The many recent note of this that I could find is from build 16.02.

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The many recent examples of this space with archives produced by other archives (WinRAR, mostly), and I"m sure he"ll it is in interested come hear of your problem with a document that was produced in 7zip itself.

I introduce you lug this come Igor"s attention over at SourceForge whereby the 7zip support forums are at: https://sourceforge.net/p/sevenzip/bugs/


I to be trying to extract a .gz paper with 7zip, it stopped at 99% and the dreaded message appeared. I had to move to PeaZip and it extracted fine however with a warning message. The extracted document worked fine. So i would imply you to try using another program.


Rename the extension from .zip come .rar it will work-related fine. It may be no done because of compressed in an additional program and provide the expansion as zip.


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