David N, Reese, left, has been charged through second-degree murder in the fatal shoot of other DEP employee Aron J. Thomas, right.

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KINGSTON >> A 33-year-old Olivebridge guy was fatally shoot Monday morning at the brand-new York City department of environmental Protection office on blacksmith Avenue in Midtown Kingston, and a co-worker to be charged through murder, follow to the Kingston Police Department and Ulster County ar Attorney’s Office.

Police stated David N. Reese, 53, the Gilboa, Schoharie County, to be taken into custody in ~ the DEP building after quickly after Aron J. Cutting board was shot and that Reese was charged v second-degree murder. He pleaded “not guilty” throughout a brief arraignment Monday afternoon in Kingston City Court and also was sent out to the Ulster county Jail without bail.

Authorities walk not sell a motive for the killing.

District attorney Holley Carnright claimed both the gunman and also victim were employees that the department of eco-friendly Protection. He stated the weapon provided was a handgun, despite he did no say if it to be legally owned.

Police stated a handgun, believed to have been used in the crime, to be recovered in ~ the scene.

The police department said officers were dispatched come the DEP building, at 71 blacksmith Ave., about 6:45 a.m. And also “found one victim … deceased together a an outcome of a gunshot wound.” A “person that interest” to be taken right into custody in ~ the scene, police said.

Carnright stated Reese to be formally charged around 3 p.m. His arraignment, though scheduled for 5 p.m. In City Court, was held earlier, before most the the reporters covering the story arrived.

Police claimed Reese and also Thomas worked in the same part of the DEP building. Thomas additionally was a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician in the town of Olive, whereby he lived.

“We all knew him. It’s a tiny town. He was a lovely, really fine young man,” Olive super Sylvia Rozzelle claimed of Thomas. “I offered him his hunting licenses and his fishing licenses. The was always a pleasure to transaction with.

“We shed a an excellent one,” claimed Rozzelle, who until freshly was the Olive city clerk. “It’s an extremely tragic.”

Rozzelle stated Thomas had actually at least one little child.

Kingston Police chef Egidio Tinti told MidHudsonNews.com that the shooting occurred inside the DEP building, which is in ~ the corner of blacksmith Avenue and Grand Street. Tinti said the victim was taken to a hospital and also pronounced dead there. There to be no other injuries, authorities said.

The DEP building, close to Kingston’s main short article office, houses much more than 100 human being who job-related for the department that oversees brand-new York City’s upstate reservoirs. The building formerly housed computer system parts manufacturer national Micronetics.

DEP spokesman Adam Bosch said Thomas to be a watershed maintainer and also had functioned for the city room for nearly nine years. Watershed maintainers room responsible for preserving facilities and the grounds about the city’s upstate reservoirs and aqueducts, together with other infrastructure throughout the watershed, Bosch said.

Reese has been work by the DEP since 1998 as a mechanical and also electrical technician, Bosch said. Civilization in that job generally work ~ above such points as instrumentation, and also ventilation, the spokesman said.

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In a explain emailed to the media, DEP Commissioner Carter Strickland said: “We space shocked and saddened by the senseless plot of violence that occurred early this morning in ~ DEP’s workplaces in Kingston, N.Y. The thoughts and also prayers of all DEP employees are with the victim’s family and loved ones. We will execute all we deserve to to support them in the days and months ahead. DEP is fully cooperating with regional authorities in their recurring investigation. Grief counselors will be made obtainable to help DEP employees who have actually been affected by this tragedy.”

The Kingston DEP building was evacuated and shut down for the job after the shooting. Some employees were seen hugging every other outside after leaving.