Grave meet 2 Review – This post is different than mine others due to the fact that it’s a new release so let me perform a tiny explanation. I’m going to type as I’m watching. You’ll be able to read what I’m seeing and seeing mine comments and also thoughts at the exact same time. Once the movie finishes I’ll compose my in its entirety review. I will tell you the the movie starts really VERY slow so what you review will start an extremely VERY slow. It choose up and also gets amazing for bit!

The movie starts with clips of miscellaneous mixed reviews of the very first Grave to meet movie. The last testimonial is carried to united state by Alex’s Movie Madness. Alex tells us the tomb Encounters had “one the the worst movie endings ever”, gives the movie a pass and also a rating the 1 a skull the end of 4 and also asks us to subscribe to his channel Alex_MovieKid88 and also he wishes united state all a Happy Halloween.

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We’re taken to a handheld camera watch of a girl walking increase the stairs in ~ a costume party and also the camera pans earlier down the stairs. We view the party in complete swing and date rubber stamp of October 31, 2011. Everyone is in costume, girl ~ above girl action, smoking and also we uncover out that somebody named Trevor is the human holding the camera. Someone that was looking front to see Alex claims she was looking front to seeing him tonight and also wonders wherein he is.

Next we check out the camera comes into, a really caught turn off guard, Alex’s room wherein Alex is watching part (fuzzed out for us) online porn and pleasuring himself. The person with the camera (Trevor?) asks the why he’s wasting his time through (sic) virtual girls when a genuine girl, Jennifer, is the end there wanting him now. Alex is happy to hear that Jennifer is at the party. Trevor do the efforts to speak Alex right into wear a costume and Alex is adamant he won’t wear. Low and behold, Alex comes out of the bathroom in a chop dress and a blonde wig look very disgusted through himself and really not rocking his pair that boots. That video clip clip ends with Alex informing Trevor that he won’t go the end in publicly looking like that. Yet another, low and also behold, the next clip is a an extremely drunk Alex at the costume party talking with Jennifer (who is the girl asking where he to be earlier). Drunk Alex is talking around how a real horror movie must be made. Alex wants to reinvent the genre that the fear movie because he’s a genius and visionary. The party carries till until we’re caught an extremely off guard with Alex, close increase mind you, vomiting in the toilet.

Wake up, sunshine! The following day we watch Alex passed the end on his bed, wig gone but still in his dress v a punch doll as a blanket. Trevor, who should be the most irritating human to have actually as a friend, roughly wakes Alex and starts informing him about the images he has of Alex native the party. Alex is in ~ the computer system going end the photos and also asks Trevor why the let that drink an entire bottle of tequila Trevor speak him that he take it it indigenous him and also wouldn’t provide it back. Over there are assorted “i’m stupid and also drunk” photos. Trevor has actually photos of his testicle hanging on Alex’s forehead and has tagged the photos and claims the his “balls space going to walk viral”. Alex gets rid of his tag.

I stop at this minute to sign to myself and my readers the thus far I’m fully disappointed in this movie and I require things come change. I keep telling myself the I’m disappointed because I’m old and also I just don’t find drunk teens/college youngsters funny yet it’s no that. The an initial Grave encounters was probably one of my favorite horror movies. The had whatever I love in one quite neat creepy small bundle. I love practically all paranormal program (Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Dead Files), i love act paranormal investigations, ns love horror movies that aren’t over-the-top and also in-your-face gore. I likewise love the twist on movies (thank you, Blair Witch for getting the ball rolling) that hand hand/found footage fear movies. Grave Encounters gave me every one of that ns loved it! so far, this movie is offering me 2 personalities that I’d personally like to take it to Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, shove them inside and lose the key.


We have actually a handheld see of Trevor going about to various students exterior on campus questioning for pot (can you see or feeling me shaking my head?). Reduced to Trevor, mouth end bong in Alex’s room verbally teasing Alex “8 time in film school…what room you doing?”. Alex is checking his latest comments on his reviews. He educates Trevor that his reviews space a good way to gain his name out. We’re about to watch a video response. WOO HOO! Things room looking up!!!! It’s a video clip clip the Lance reputation (lead character in the very first Grave to meet movie). The video is in night vision. Lance is in a hospital gown and also appears to be trying to feel about the room because it’s in the dark. We view a hospital bed behind the and, I’m not sure, however I think he’s in the room (again, native the very first movie) whereby the male wrote on all of the walls. Lance ideologies the camera and puts his hand ~ above it. Alex states it’s odd since he doesn’t remember that clip gift in the movie. The video clip comment was sent to Alex from fatality Awaits. TRIVIA! the is what to be painted ~ above the external (and later what becomes an inside muhahahaha) door in the first movie. Trevor easily tells Alex to message death Awaits ago asking where he obtained the clip and, in his stoned stupor, asks if they can go acquire tacos.

We’re now displayed what need to be some form of “intro” for a movie the we never ever see…I’m certain there’s some technical terminology for it but I don’t recognize what it is. It’s what I would certainly “ass””u””me” would certainly be at the begin of a film that “tags” the film:


UW Film production 355Scene 03 – Assembly Edit

TRT: 01:46

Producer: Trevor ThompsonDirector: Alex WrightDOP: Jarest ChaoSound: Tessa Hamil

11.01.11Property of: blurred out

…and there’s a countdown in the bottom appropriate corner…3, 2, 1…*beep*

Wer’re displayed a couple making out in a convertible at a “lovers leap” type of location. The girl (we discover out is a character named Stacy) in the auto is gift played by Jennifer. The male in the car, a character named Gary, is laughingly (and an alleged to be) a poor actor. Stacy is telling Gary to stop and Gary speak her no to it is in a tease. Oh, it’s for this reason funny…it’s an alleged to be. Gary continues and also gets slapped by Stacy. Gary phone call Stacy and bitch and also then proceeds come say “Look, I understand it’s been specifically a year ago tonight that your father disappeared but you require to relocate on already” and Gary storms the end of the car leaving Stacy alone. The walks a few steps away and also lights increase a cigarette. Us hear a branch break under somebody’s feet. Gary asks who’s around and says the isn’t funny. We’re back to a frustrated Stacy in the car. She walks increase behind Gary, in she cheerleading outfit of course LOL. She walks increase behind Gary, puts she hand top top his shoulder and his head falls off.

We listen “aaannnddd cut”. The date stamp is November 7, 2011. Alex gives Jennifer thumbs up. Smart young Trevor (who would have thought ns would ever put those words together) asks how Gary would still be standing up through his head reduced off.

Alex stop his phone up to the camera and we watch that Alex has actually received a blog post from fatality Awaits answering his question around where fatality Awaits discovered the footage. The response is “49 14 122 48”. The easily figure out that it isn’t a phone number.

More time wasted top top a video with a closeup the Trevor blowing out smoke with “High Times” in ~ the height of the screen, then a snapshot of a pot leaf and also “In movie School” at the bottom that the screen. 49 14 122 48 are on Google Latitude and also in Vancouver, Canada and also is the place of a *beeped out* mental institution. Alex claims he think this is wherein they filmed dig Counters yet they had changed the name from every little thing was *beeped out* to Collingwood because that the Grave meet movie.

We’re shown a quick fast forward that a clip from Grave Encounters. Alex, Jennifer and also Trevor are in the room watching. Alex points out that nobody that was in the movie has actually done anything because (which isn’t true). He additionally mentions that the guy that play the caretaker has been dead for “like 8 years now”. They present an virtual newspaper article saying he cursed suicide.

Alex renders a video clip reaching out to his fans asking for help around his post from last week around Grave Encounters. He wants some help reaching somebody affiliated with the making of the movie.

Another intro to your movie:


UW Film production 355Scene 05 – final Edit

TRT: 01:16

Producer: Trevor ThompsonDirector: Alex WrightDOP: Jared ChaoSound: Tessa Hamill

11.21.11Property of: blurred out

We watch a cabin in the misty woods and also then Jennifer stand up with her hand chained over her head screaming for help. A large figure come in pushing a tray with miscellaneous tools, he’s wearing a animal leather mask and tells she they have an appointment. The takes a pair the pliers and also pulls the end a this saying “You look choose you have a cavity”. Jennifer is bloody, yet doesn’t it seems to be ~ to be in pain LOL. The drops her tooth in a jar and picks increase a dental drill, turns it on, Jennifer squirms, “This might sting” and the drill goes towards her eye.

They contact cut and also Jennifer asks Alex if he chosen it. He states he was however isn’t believable and also she allows him know. Alex is frustrated the the movie seems to the it is in the exact same old very same old. Human being are happy to obtain the remainder of the day off yet you can tell Jennifer isn’t happy.

Alex documents himself speak he received an email from “the YouTube user that’s to be messing with” him the “last tiny while”. There’s a picture of Sean Rogerson and also a woman that Alex thinks need to be Sean’s mom. There’s additionally a phone call number v the email that’s in the regional to Washington area. Alex states it might be the number to Alex’s mom and also gives the number a call. A woman states “hello” and Alex confirms it’s the Rogerson residence (Sean Rogerson

played Lance reputation in the an initial Grave to meet movie)…we can see Trevor and also Jennifer in the enjoy of the winter behind Alex as they listen in ~ above the conversation the Alex has on speaker. Alex says he’s trying to find Sean and she asks why. He stated he’s functioning on a thesis and also would favor an interview.

We’re in the car with Alex driving, Trevor in the passenger seat and also someone (I’m guessing that will revolve out to it is in Jennifer) is filming native the backseat. They pull to Sean’s mom’s house. Alex explains (again) come Trevor that Sean is claimed to be at the home at 3:00pm. The guys knock top top the door and also an elderly mrs comes out and also invites them inside. Alex motions to the person holding the camera (he calls the Jazz, ns think) come come through them.

Inside the house there’s a close increase of the yonsei woman and she provides them part tea or coffee which lock decline. Alex asks if Sean is around. She tells them the he simply stepped out and also will be back. Alex, oddly, asks she to check that Sean is, indeed, alive. She claims he is and also he’s acting on a new TV display saying that he loves to act. She extends the invite for them come stay and wait for him and they deserve to wait in his room. They’re a little creeped the end that who of Sean’s age would quiet live with his mom.

Our films students head up to Sean’s room and find trophies from 1996 for “Most an important Player” sitting amongst other trophies. Alex says that he doesn’t think anybody has lived in the room for awhile as he looks at pictures of a young Sean top top the mirror. Mrs. Rogerson’s caretaker makes and also scary appearance in ~ the room’s doorway and makes them leave. Together the caretaker continues to rush the crew out us hear Mrs. Rogerson speak the Sean need to be earlier from the hospital soon. Alex was standing in former of her asks she “What hospital?”. She answers “The hospital because that crazy people”. Alex asks “You know about Grave Encounters, the TV show”. “I assisted him find his name, Lance Preston…that was his phase name”. Alex, in a last plea as they’re driven out the door asks what happened to Sean, what taken place to the team?

Outside Alex is speaking through the caretaker “She invited united state here, we’re her guests. We just want one interview v Sean”. The caretaker informs them that Mrs. Rogerson will certainly have full time treatment soon.

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November 28, 2011 Trevor is talking to whomever is hold the camera saying the Jennifer is take it Alex apart. They get in the room and also find out that Alex didn’t present up when Jennifer to be expecting him. Alex make the efforts to describe why the wasn’t there and also it becomes evident to Jennifer that Alex is coming to be obsessed through the Grave meet movie. Trevor does his wingman job of informing Alex come lay off of the conspiracy concept of tomb Encounters and focus on the 1 girl at school that he might actually was standing a possibility with. Alex can’t it is in swayed, he’s currently getting much more and more convinced that Grave encounters was not just a movie.

Alex documents a message to his pan saying it’s been awhile due to the fact that he posted and a lot has been walk on v Grave Encounters and talks about his interview v Sean’s mom and then speak them he’s sure that tomb Encounter’s is true, he’s sure and just needs…OH the movie simply took a rotate for the good! You know the distorted mouth associated with this movie?


That simply happened come Alex as he to be making his video; his mouth, on film, came to be distorted…then his whole film came to be garbled. This came at a an excellent time for me. I’ve been excited about this movie because the work I uncovered out it to be coming out. It’s taken me over an hour to gain 22 minutes and also 58 seconds right into it since I store finding reasons to stop it and get up…granted, I also received a phone speak to in this time, obtained some soup, placed on mine jammies…but simply things to stall. Ns loved the first movie because it didn’t feel prefer you were watching a movie. This movie feels like you’re watching a movie…I dislike that