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I purchase 2 brand ne strength recliners. Castle were mean to which Tuesday. No contact now show. Climate they said wed..the guy dubbed me ans stated they were in feont of my home (the delivery guy) he claimed im here, you are not and i have 14 deliveries and also im no coming back, ns live in a entrances apt ar so i understand he no there. I called customer service, they could care less. Anyway.....FRIDAY in ~ 7 PM my stuff came USED and also NOT in a box...what a joke!!!

Mikyoung C.

Do not buy furniture native here.When friend buy new furniture, castle send you offered items. They trick you and also fool you, reasoning that you will never uncover out that you got used and also worn out furniture. They clean lock really good so the is hard to catch. Hoping the they will never obtain caught. Fine I captured them. So clock carefullyI purchase 2 new boyd sofa and they send me 2 supplied sofas. The inspection guys came and took it earlier and apologized because that the inconvenience due to the fact that it is clearly used and worn the end furniture.(They were great about the situation).They charge you full price for offered furniture. Ridiculous!!! ns went ago to the store and also complained.They said they will compensate $80 with cost-free delivery yet later a male named Lyuben change it to $40. The was talking to me choose he was doing me a favor, take it it or leave it choose that method talking an extremely manipulatively!!! an extremely rude and also ugly attitude. Castle don"t think about you or care about you or even feel sorry because that what they carry out to the people. They have actually no heart, no moral, or any type of shame for what they carry out to the customers. Continue to be away from this guys and from this store. Filthy liars. There to be a sales person named Jenna. She stated to to buy one sofa furniture VIP furniture insurance so I could trick the company to sheathe the other sofa because that free, due to the fact that they room same identical ones. Mine husband said "don"t castle scan the barcode to inspect the item prior to they send them out from the warehouse to customer to check which is which and also where it was purchased to recognize the history of the merchandise due to the fact that we room buying vip furniture insurance?" and she stated that"s right and she quickly adjusted by speak yes friend do have to buy vip furniture insurance because that each of the sofa even though, they are same identical ones and said the they scan every merchandise to store the document of the background of the item and for the vip furniture insurance record reference. Therefore this means, as soon as the warehouse sends these 2 similar sofa to us according to what Jenna said they should of known that these were 2 provided sofa indeed because she claimed they scan them for the record since we room buying vip furniture insurance. She claimed clearly, lock scan the furniture to watch the background of the furniture.

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Therefore they did know that this was undoubtedly used items and still choose to send them out to the customer who paid for brand new item price. So it is in careful and watch out.