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I have been a client of the UPS save for three years and also although my office is in Calabasas, I uncovered that having my ups deliveries and vital mail obtained at the store provided me peice that mind and also security the I would not have actually at mine office location.Ravi has presented the utmost in customer service and brings come each and also every client or guest a feeling of professionalism and also integrity. Something the you would mean from UPS.I very recommend this UPS store and also I consider Ravi a true skilled in his field and a friend i can always count on. RAVI give thanks to you.

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I"ve had a mailbox in ~ this store due to the fact that Ravi Bhalla to buy the business. Ravi is a an excellent guy. Love the improvements he"s put into the place, and the quality of service.

Came in to obtain my passport image taken. Lugged the paperwork in that verified the exact requirements. The owner the review it and also instructed the son to take it the photo"s. I assumed the price was an extremely High ($29.00), however am not sure what the going price is and also just want to obtain it done. Payed, got the photo"s and also left. When I gained home and looked in ~ it an ext closely, ns realized the photo"s were not to the compelled size. No large deal, I would go under the following day and have castle redo them. Funny point is, when I was down there the an initial time, ns pointed to whereby it stated that the challenge had to take it up 70-80% of the photo, and also the owner just laughed and basically ignored the instructions since I assumption: v he believed he knew what he to be doing and also I trusted the he did. So, ns went down there the following day, described to the owner that the photo"s didn"t fulfill the requirements and was met through attitude, yet he i agreeed to take back the photo"s in ~ no charge. Us retook the photo"s, it actually took two time"s to acquire it right, again no huge deal. I even apologized to the owner because that the inconvenience, which should have actually been the other way around, but that"s the method I am. I then asked that if I could keep the old Pics. Because the girl that was taking the photo"s stated I could since I am not really sure what they would be doing with my picture, just to it is in met with major attitude indigenous the owner, he said if I want them i would have to buy them, complied with up through him saying the he should have actually charged me twice, due to the fact that some just how this was my fault. He also said he should have initially charged me $45 i m sorry I uncover absolutely ridiculous. The not just was past rude, he to be unapologetic for the hassle and fully unprofessional.So, the was my experience at this store, i beg your pardon is unfortunate, since up come this point, I enjoyed coming in, yet this suffer left a tart taste in mine mouth around the owner.I desire clarify, the everyone else was very nice and also accommodating, the was simply the owner who was disrespectful, unprofessional, and also absolutely RUDE!