This page offers details top top U.S. Customs and also Border Protection, located at 2321 jaw Grove Ave, harbor Huron, MI 48060, USA.

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Place Name U.S. Customs and also Border defense
Average Rating 3.8
Place Address 2321 jaw Grove AvePort HuronMI 48060-1307USA
Vicinity 2321 jaw Grove Avenue, port Huron
Phone Number (810) 985-9541
International Phone +1 810-985-9541
Place Type embassy, point_of_interest, facility

Location Information

Full Address 2321 jaw Grove Ave, port Huron, MI 48060, USA
Street Number 2321
Route pine Grove avenue (Pine Grove Ave)
Locality port Huron
Administrative Area Level 2 St. Clair ar (St Clair County)
Administrative Area Level 1 Michigan (MI)
Country United claims (US)
Postal Code 48060
Postal code Suffix 1307
Type embassy, point_of_interest, facility
Latitude 42.9988551
Longitude 42.9988551
Geo Location (42.9988551, -82.4356201)


★★★★★ kash df

i was stopped for a random check. I guess they found my surname interesting... Officer Vincent was very professional and also respectful. To be asked a couple of questions and also let go. This guys have a really tough job and also I applaud castle for their dedication and hard work. Everyone need to be willing to cooperate v these guys and also make both countries safe and secure rather of complain of discrimination every the time.


★★★★★ Rachana Purohit

much less crowded. Practically no wait time. Friendly and also easy walking officers. Went through without a problem.


★★★☆☆ Brian Morenz

Officer in the booth to be a dick with a gun however the lady at the desk was really helpful and also pleasant

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★★★★★ Nikky Kurian

good officers! good service! fastest process!We met some an excellent officers at Sarnia us border. Lock do whatever professional, additionally their means of approach is exceptional , which make us comfortable during the border process.