Forte Engine Specs

The Forte has actually various model varieties that deserve to easily readjust to fit any type of environment. Yet the quickest performing variation is the an effective 2021 Forte GT trim that’ll take her breath away. It has the quicker and also lighter engine that also has the highest overall performance.

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2021 Kia Forte Engine Specs
Trim LevelsEngine SizeHorsepowerTop Speed0-60 Acceleration
GT1.6L Turbocharged 4-cylinder201hp120mph (Estimated)6.8 secs (Estimated)
EX2.0L 4-cylinder147hp120mph (Estimated)8.2 seconds (Estimated)
GT-Line2.0L 4-cylinder147hp120mph (Estimated)8.2 secs (Estimated)
LXS2.0L 4-cylinder147hp120mph (Estimated)8.2 seconds (Estimated)
FE2.0L 4-cylinder147hp120mph (Estimated)8.2 seconds (Estimated)


What is the Kia Forte Horsepower?

A reliable performer, the 2021 Kia Forte has 201hp. A how amazing rating indigenous the little 1.6L turbo engine that’s equipped in the GT trim. Out of the two obtainable engines, the 1.6L is easily quicker on the draw and accelerates much more quickly.


Kia Forte peak Speed

A part of the 1.6L engine that’s also quite noteworthy is a solid and constant performance from together a small 4-door. The 2021 Forte has a top speed the 120mph, not as well shabby.

Forte 0-60

The Kia Forte GT trim has actually an auto and manual transmission, the two are great options because that drivers. The 2021 Kia Forte can go native 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds, the weather conditions and driver ability will determine the ability to replicate this feat.

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