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Rowena T.

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We were claimed to it is in heading for Los Angeles at 9:00 AM, had tickets 2 work ago.We saw Greyhound in las Vegas, in the wait line in ~ 8AM simply so we can gain front seats.By 9:15 AM, one employee through the name of Chloe said me to autumn in heat in Area C after mirroring her my ticket.We to be in line of Area C once the man employee in former of the gate had troubles with the people because he claimed that us were in the dorn lane, we need to be in Area C; so anyone behind our line obtained mad due to the fact that of dorn information provided by the lady employee called Chloe..Please execute something about this, they room not America-like through this type of service...We never had this catastrophe in Greyhound Los Angeles!

Gail H.

Try to get thru come get assist is ridiculous. If you want to walk to CA push the an initial two letter on your vital pad. HAH!!! What a joke. CA claimed to be 22. No AZ i beg your pardon is 29. Yet their is one error below that requirements to be fixed, so currently I am earlier to square one after ~ trying come find help over 2 hours.

Geovanny R.

DON"T BOTHER...I called at 12:15 p.m every i obtained was 21 rings and also then ns was placed on hold for end 7 minutes. I called earlier and got another 20 rings and then dead air. It"s dubbed customer company for a reason. YOUR intend TO assist THE CUSTOMER!!!

The customer service is extreamly poor. Nobody answers the phone. As soon as you go down to the bus station no one is in ~ the customer organization counter and also you have to wait in heat an hour and also a half to obtain a refund. Absolutly horrible. Ns will never use lock again!

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