For the previous 32 years, when joining the team, an individual is signing up because that ongoing an individual and professional growth. That goes because that the owner, too.

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Owner Cindy Feldman was recently elected to the plank of directors of the skilled Beauty Association and will offer on that is Salon/Spa Advisory Council. Honored to be one of these 12 national sector leaders, Cindy is looking front to sharing her salon’s ideas and perspective to advance the beauty industry.

“I feel privileged and grateful to offer in an sector that’s provided me for this reason much,” says Cindy, who introduced in 1984 and also has get an impression the team to 58 employees. She look at this as an chance for giving earlier to the industry, as well as her next step toward personal and professional growth.

Cindy Feldman

Probeauty’s mission is to advancement the beauty sector through campaigns supporting growth and sustainability. These initiatives include educationcharitable outreachgovernment advocacyevents and more. The organization provides resources, research, sector news and professional networking come its members.

One that Cindy’s greatest goals in her new role is to enhance the curriculum taught in cosmetology schools. “I’d love to see enhanced curriculums that will far better prepare graduating students. As a salon owner, ns can provide insight into what set a good new rental apart from a great one.”

Cindy is to crawl to attend to other industry worries such together strengthening expert licensing and also regulation requirements, and also promoting philanthropic initiatives. is well-known for a salon society that disclosure giving ago to the community, and also Cindy is excited to lug her passion for charitable work to a better audience.

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“I’m also very much looking front to working through these impressive leaders in the beauty beauty industry,” Cindy says. “I’m a large believer in neighboring myself v incredible people. That a dream come true.”

Mostly, Cindy is thankful for the opportunity to serve. “There’s never ever been a far better time to it is in a license is granted beauty professional,” she says. “You really have the right to chart your very own path and also follow wherever her ambitions take it you. There’s together a bright future ahead for beauty careers, and also I’m excited come be component of that future.”

About the skilled Beauty Association:

The skilled Beauty Association, or “Probeauty,” is the biggest organization of salon specialists in the world. The the only organization that represents the entire beauty industry. Probeauty is comprised of an ext than 7,000 members in 28 countries, who work in practically 2,000 companies: mostly salons/spas, distributors, manufacturers, and also cosmetology schools.